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It's for the Day but also for the Memories

Anyone that has read my blogs knows that I'm pretty passionate about flowers, not just because it's my business but because they hold so many sentimental attachments for me. It's as much about the fragrance and the feelings they evoke as it is the actual flower and form they take. As a child I received flowers, a tiny nosegay held together with ribbons and bows, fresh from the florist on my birthday each year. To this day, when I smell carnations, I get a warm feeling inside because it reminds me of my childhood. My own bridal bouquet was created with lots and lots of mini white stephanotis flowers. For those of you without "smellavision" they smell like sweet minty jasmine and even now when we use them, they remind me of my wedding day 25 years ago. The bouquet pictured here was created for our bride Shannon. Garden roses, peony and ranuculus in shades of creams, pinks and reds - so pretty. As you can see from this photo, Shannon loved her bridal flowers enoug

Real Life and Flowers

Ok, there it is... Fill a vase with fresh flowers is number 21 on a list of 25 bright ideas to recharge your mood, routine and rooms and highlighted in Real Simple Magazine. A Harvard study showed that people who looked at fresh flowers in the morning reported higher energy levels for the rest of the day! That's powerful stuff and so easy to do. Perhaps you'll consider going to your local florist for a fresh bunch of flowers this weekend? What about bringing some into the office next week? Living with flowers - it's a good thing!!