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Tropical Cascade

I admit that Cascade Bridal Bouquets have not made the big comeback that I expected a few years ago but every now and then we get to create one. Last weekend we were able to design this beauty with a topical theme for our bride Angela. The story behind this bouquet (and there is always a story behind a bridal bouquet) is that Angela and her true love Keehan are actually getting married in the Bahamas. With lots of family, friends and fellow church members, they felt compelled to have a ceremony in New Jersey, hence the tropical theme. Angela's bridal bouquet was created by our Lead Floral Stylist Alanna and consisted of Starfighter lilies, dendrobium orchids, bird of paradise, mini calla lilies flowers along with lily grass, spiral and silver dollar  eucalytpus, ruscus and podocarpus foliages! The bouquet turned out stunning and we think, ever prettier than the inspiration photo provided by Angela and her sister Donchell (who is a wedding planner we work with on occasion).

Cascade or Not to Cascade ~ an update on Wedding Trends for late 2014 into 2015

If you are planning your wedding in 2015, I'd imagine you have started looking at photos on Pinterest and other online site of wedding bouquets and floral centerpieces. It's truly shocking how many options there are, right? First you have to decide on a floral colors and then you try to determine if you want formal, natural or fun floral designs . We're seeing just about every color being used this year in our wedding designs and as for styling, no one style choice seems to be more in demand than other. Many of our couples this year have chosen traditional romantic designs with a few even choosing cascade bouquets. As a designer, I just love these elegant and flowing bouquets and I'm hoping to see more brides choose them next year.  Speaking of trends, we are seeing less and less "shabby chic, country and rustic" weddings for late 2014 and early 2015 and more couples choosing a more traditional theme but with a "natural feel" ~ such as an Eng

Top Wedding Trends for 2012 into 2013

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that more and more brides are going to be asking their floral designers to create cascade bouquets for their weddings. In the last 3 weeks alone, we have created 3 of these beauties and buzz on our Facebook page has been quite dramatic. Take the bouquet below ~ Bride Shedline was super pleased when Kevin arrived with her bouquet. Don't you just love the rich color in shades of purple. That in itself is an ongoing trend with many couple choosing purple as their wedding color. This bouquet was created using roses, mini callas, stock, lisianthus, carnations, limonium and touches of elegant foliage's. It's actually not that heavy and was super easy to hold (the biggest fear most bride's have when deciding on their bouquet is weight and ease of carrying it correctly). See my YouTube video that shows how easy these bouquets are to carry.  Another trend I'm noticing more of is the use of mixed plant material such as succu

White Wedding

We don't often get to create cascade bouquets but I have to say, I really think Designer Holly did a fabulous job on designing this one. Created for today's bride Hoon-Jung, we were semi-recreating her very own mother's wedding bouquet. Although this one uses a nicer, more elegant selection of flowers (her mom's was all white carnations) I think she'll be pleased with the result. Using a combination of roses, freesia, bouvardia and dendrobium orchids with the traditional plumosa foliage, this bouquet has a bit more interest and texture than her mother's bouquet.  It will be interesting to see if more brides choose cascade bouquets to hand tied versions popular over the last 10 years or so. There is something to be said for an elegant cascade and I'm truly hoping that our bride loves her bouquet as much as we do! To see more of our wedding designs be sure to visit our wedding website at or our Facebook Page at

Ava's garden wedding bridal bouquet

Ava's garden wedding bridal bouquet , originally uploaded by Georgianne at Monday Morning Flowers . Well, it's been almost a year since we created this cascade bouquet for our bride Ava and it's been a very popular style indeed! What I loved about this bouquet is how much it complimented not only her gown but her natural coloring. Red roses and orange alstroemeria were Ava's favorite flowers and were the perfect choices to bring out the red tones of her hair. Soft but simple, cascade bouquets don't have to be overly big or fussy!

How to Carry a Bridal Bouquet. It's not so hard....

People often ask me what is the right way to hold a bridal bouquet. I know some ladies think it's going to be hard but truthfully, even a cascade is very easy to carry. As in the example to the right, that's me holding a very sweet tear drop shaped bouquet (compliments of our bride Coleen). As you can see, I'm able to hold the bouquet with one hand and it's not uncomfortable for me in anyway. The key to holding a cascade is to drop it down to the waist  level. I've seen many pictures of girls holding their bouquets too high, which is a very uncomfortable way to hold these. Second, holding it too high, especially in the case of the bride, blocks all the beautiful detail of their dresses. Remember, when you are walking down the aisle you want to appear relaxed and natural! Another issue I've seen is to point the bottom of the bouquet outwards. Make sure that the bouquets sits nice and flush against your body. This will give you the best possible view in the p