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How to Order Funeral Flowers - Part 1 Casket and Urn Flowers

It might sound very strange but some of our best read blogs are about Sympathy Flowers  probably because folks don't know what is appropriate to send.  Whether it's for an immediate family member, friend or business associate, there are "rules" that dictate what type of arrangement you should be sending. This first blog post in a series I'm going to write deal with ordering flowers for placement on the casket. Let me say that flowers are always appropriate, even if you are asking for donation in honor of your loved one. Link here to read our blog about what "In Lieu of Flowers" Means . Is there going to be a casket? If so then you will  need something for the top of the casket . These can be tricky to order but this is a good place to let your florist confer with your funeral director. If the casket is full open or fully closed, these require similar floral designs but need to be styled differently. Is the casket going to be only half open? The