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Viewpoint By Kevin Vinicombe - Floral Management Magazine

We are excited to share with you an article by Kevin Vinicombe, co-owner of Monday Morning Flowers .  Kevin was asked by Floral Management Magazine – a monthly publication of Society of American Florists – to be featured as the “Viewpoint” in the December 2013 issue. Viewpoint by Kevin Vinicombe A LOADED QUESTION “What do I do for a living?”  I hear this question at meetings, net-working events and parties.  Being a proud entrepreneur, I raise my head high and say, “I’m a florist!  My wife and I own Monday Morning Flower and Balloon Company in Princeton, N.J.”.  If I’m feeling poetic, maybe I’ll add that I help people express their deepest feelings, or provide top-notch customer service, sometimes during life’s most emotionally charged moments, or that I help bring beauty into the everyday world.  People are generally curious when I tell them about my work.  Nevertheless, I wonder: Am I under-selling myself when I only say, “I’m a florist”? 1.        Manufacturing.  W

Design Classes ~ Creating a Succulent Plant Garden

We haven't had too many floral design classes on Sundays but yesterday's class was a big success. Creating Succulent Plant Gardens was the topic and as you can see we had some very talented students!  Of course, we can't let our students design on an empty stomach so we provided some light snacks and wine. We feel the wine always helps the students and relax and let their inner floral designer shine through. Well, that might be stretching it but we stand by our wine and food choices!  Cynthia and her friend Silvana each pose with their masterpieces! Each student would choose an upgraded glass container like these above or below for an additional cost.   Or they could use these awesome moss and wicker baskets, which were included in the class fee.   Each student was provided with soil, different styles of moss and river stones in 3 different colors to choose from. I think they all did a great job, don't you?  Lori is very proud of what she created! Sh

My Love of Flowers Started Young

I love this photo of my mother, brother & I. I always had red, white and blue themed parties because my birthday is so close to the fourth of July. I begged to be a normal girl and have a pink dress ~ lol. My m om always had a nosegay from the florist made for me on my special day. I remember how my mom would show it to me, all boxed up and wrapped in cellophane and smelling like heaven. She'd make room in the fridge to keep it fresh until picture time. I always felt like a Princess with my tiny nosegay. Such a small thing but made me so happy. I had the best mom ever! Are you creating memories like this with your little girl?  Do you remember the first time you received flowers? I'd love to hear your story!! 

Fun and Funky Flowers

It's always hard when a customer calls and says they want to send a floral design with unique flowers. What's unique to one person might be the norm for another, right? Take this flower for example. Do you know what it is? It's a King Protea and to us it's a bit unique but we get them often and they are a flower that some would love while others might say "what the heck is that"!  This year we have noticed that flowers with a "tropical" feel have been in heavy demand such as these Proteas along with Bird of Paradise, Ginger and Anthurium. We love them all and for someone who is looking to pick up or send flowers you don't see in the local supermarket, these flower fit the bill.  Perhaps because we've had a winter of heavy snow, folks are looking for something with an "Island" feel and these beautiful and huge blooms sure do remind us of warmer climates and sunny skies, right? These flowers originate from South Africa where th

Women's Day 2014 - 3/8/14

Women’s Day is in an international holiday to celebrate women everywhere and raise political and social awareness to the struggles of women.  Started in the U.S. in 1909 as National Women’s Day, it has spread around the world to become an international holiday.  Recognized in more than 100 nations across the globe, we celebrate mothers, grandmothers, wives, daughters, friends, co-workers, and friends.  Small gifts, or even more appropriate, a nicebunch of flowers , are customary gifts for this holiday. This year, Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 th . Order your gift for her early this year!  It’s not her birthday, your anniversary or Valentine’s Day – so surprise her with a fresh floral arrangement you know she will appreciate.  It’s a great way to show you care and recognize all she does, every day.  Order your Women’s Day flowers by March 4 th and use the  promotion code “WD” for $5 off your purchase. Give us a call today at 609-520-2005, or order on our we

Floral Favorite's for Valentine's Day

The best part about working in the flower shop during a holiday is seeing all the specialty flowers arrive. Truthfully, we wish we could have these amazing blooms in all year long but alas, the more expensive varieties are a bit out of every day range for us. This week we had Japanese Sweet Peas arrive in and they are spectacular. They smell amazing and their delicate two tones petals would set any girls heart aflutter.  Not as unusual to have in the shop during non-holiday times would be full size cymbidium orchid blooms but this week they are unusually lovely . In shades of red, pink and white, a single stem is a work of art unto itself, would you agree?   We're still taking order for Valentine's Day Delivery but you really need to place your order soon to get these lovely blooms! 

Rose Prices and Valentine's Day

Are you wondering what we charge for a dozen red roses in December, March or July? $74.99 Are you wondering what we are charging for a dozen red roses for Valentine's Day this year? $74.99 Yes, it's true. We are picking up all the extra cost charged to us by our wholesalers and farms. Why? Because honestly, it's not worth upsetting our customers and we want you to HAPPY!!  There you have it ~ you support us all year long and we support you on one of the busiest floral holidays of the year. 

FreshTen for February 10th!

Designer Alanna shows you how to create 2 different arrangements with this weeks Fresh Ten Flower special. Available at our Princeton NJ store only on February 10th. American grown these lovely tulips will bright up your home or office for 5-7 days! Call to reserve 609-520-2005

Modern Roses - $5 off your order!

Do you think sending roses for Valentine's Day has to be traditional and boring? Well, we say it's not so! Customer Care Coordinator Alanna  created this modern take on a dozen red roses.  Why not let us create this in hot pink or even lavender? Get creative this Valentine's Day ! Don't forget Valentine's Day is just 1 week away so order early.  Call today and receive $5 off your order with promo code VALENTINE on orders placed by 2/10/14.  And don't forget - Valentine's Day is next Friday - so if you're sending to the office - why not get it to her a few days early so she can enjoy it for the week?!  You'll look like a star and you'll get your Valentine's Day plans taken care of while she's wondering if you will even remember!  Call us today at 609-520-2005 or order online at .

Balloons and a Bank

This past week a brand new bank opened up in the Yardley area and we were lucky enough to be hired to decorate the branch to greet the customers during the grand opening. We've actually decorated many First Choice Bank events and they always end up looking so festive. These 2 balloon columns greeting customers at the door.  The teller windows each had a centerpiece of balloons - wow, they look so good they should have these all the time.   Such a simple and affordable way to kick off a new First Choice Branch in Yardley PA.  To see these and other balloon decorations visit our event website at 

Keeping Your Flowers Fresh Longer

It's not a secret ~ If you want your fresh flowers to last longer, changing the water helps. Watch as Designer Norman shows how and explains why it's important. Remember, if you wouldn't want to drink out of the water your fresh flowers are in, then neither do they! Valentine's Day is around the corner, don't forget to place your order early! With 2 flower shop locations to help you delivering 7 days a week! Call today at 609.520.2005 for our Princeton NJ shop or 215.493.1400 for our Yardley, PA store or you can shop online 24/7 at