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Vote for Your Favorite for a Chance to Win Free Flowers

We think we have the most creative designers and we think you'll agree. Enter our contest to pick a new arrangement for our website. Just for voting you'll be entered to win free flowers. Voting is super easy. Just leave a comment with an arrangement number on this blog post of visit either of our facebook pages at or to vote! 

My Interview with David Register from FernTrust Farms

You know I love blogging, learning and sharing information about the floral and wedding industry so I've decided to start doing interviews with industry leaders that I admire. My very first interview is with David Register who is the Executive Vice President of FernTrust which was founded in 1986 as a cooperative of quality oriented growers sharing a rich history in the agribusiness and is located in Seville, Florida. I personal have met David and buy his products!  Thank you David for being my very first interview. I'm always fascinated by flower growers and really wanted to learn more about the cut foliage industry. I appreciate you taking the time to tell me more about yourself and your business!  Tell us a little about yourself and about your position at FernTrust? I am 50 years old attended the University of Florida, Love the outdoors and country living.  I have been Married to my wife Alison for almost 26 years  and we have two daughters Victoria and Savanna. 

We Are Wedding Wire Rated!

We live for reviews and especially love when our past bride review us on Wedding Wire. We currently have over 45 Reviews on our Site for an 4.9 average. We could not be more proud!

What's in the Shop This Week ~ Summer Blooms

What better time of year is there than Summer for Flowers ? With so many colorful options, our floral designers are in heaven! Below are the most amazing orange lilies. Everyone loves iris. Although they are a typical spring flower , we seem to be able to get them year round.    Locally grown sunflowers - all I can say is Wow! These are huge and they make me smile just looking at them.    Viburnum berries ~ love the color and texture on these.    Ah, I'm in love with Protea ~ especially these Pincushion variety. So funky and vibrant!    Well, there you have it, just a quick sneak peek into our cooler Mid Summer ! 

It's All in the Details at Grounds for Sculpture

I love vibrant color so when Bride Jean walked in with a sample favor she had in mind for her May wedding at Rat's Restaurant in Grounds For Sculpture , I was thrilled to be chosen to create her floral designs .  First and foremost, I love roses . They are by far my favorite flower and even though I see lots of very cool flowers come through my doors each and every week, these beautiful blooms still make my heart go pitter patter. Know that Rat's has such a strong color palate and unbelievable charm, I couldn't wait to see this wedding all set up. Using 3 shades of roses ~ Hot Pink, Raspberry and Deep Orange ~ used in mass in silver mercury glass vase with lots and lots of candles ~ this wedding looked like a vivid dream! Our team of designers really did an amazing job.  I especially loved how the flowers looks with the brides maids dresses. Thank you Marie Labbancz for the amazing photography!  I especially loved the way the ceremony setting came out at t

Create Your Own Living Garden on August 4 at Our Princeton Store

Plant Potting Event – Sunday,  August 4 th No reservation required between 10 – 2pm = $15 per person ~ share on twitter Announcing our Plant Potting Event! We can teach plant tips and tricks. Bring in your own plants and containers or buy what you need from our extensive inventory. Join us at our location at Princeton Forrestal Village.  There will also be a list of items for purchase for all styles of houseplants & gardens to help our you customize your own living gardens.  That list will include baskets, butterflies / birds, stones, bows & curly willow, as well as plants for purchase. Houseplants: ·          Re-pot ·          Clean foliage / leaf shine / moss ·          Add new soil Dish gardens: ·          Split up into individual plastic pots or add new plants ·          Add new soil ·          Clean foliage / leaf shine / moss ·          Plant a garden in customers containers Terrariums: ·          Split up into individual pl

Mountain Mint

Over the last few weeks, we've been getting in a lot of luscious and aromatic Mountain Mint.  As I was putting together some wildflower inspired pieces for a shower this past week I got to wondering about this flowering plants possible medicinal uses aside from its obvious aesthetic uses. Love the look of Mountain Mint and smells amazing too; such a fun design element!  Mountain-mint is edible and medicinal, raw or cooked the flower buds and leaves are edible and have a hot, spicy, mint-like flavor that makes a great spice or seasoning for meat. The fresh or dried leaves are brewed into a refreshing mint-like medicinal herb tea that is alternative (for that run down feeling), analgesic, antiseptic, diaphragmatic, and tonic. The medicinal tea is used in alternative medicine in the treatment of menstrual disorders, indigestion, mouth sores and gum disease, colic, coughs, colds, chills and fevers.     A strong decoction is medicinal if poured over festering wounds. Crushed f

DIY and Working With Your Florist

I love when bride's do a bit of DIY. Yes, you heard it right, I love when my bride's do a little themselves. Especially like what this past weekend's bride Crystal did. She let us handle the fresh flower part, while she and her maids set up some floating and votive candles on their own. I especially loved the little boards they found to anchor the centerpieces and the table numbers.  Aren't they super cute? She was able to personalize her wedding while not having to worry about processing fresh flowers and worrying about the weather (it hit 95 degrees that day).  She left that up to us to worry about and at a very modest cost, I might add. Again, vintage ~ country is very in these days and these adorable tablescapes were perfect for this tent wedding at Chauncey Conference Center here in Princeton. Would you consider doing a bit of DIY while your florist handles the floral aspect of your centerpieces? 

$5 Friday - July 5, 2013

Are you like us, stuck at home working this holiday weekend? Well then it's your lucky day. It's $5 Flower Friday and today we have fresh, happy daisy bouquets for you! Colorful bunches of pom pom daisies with ruscus foliage and solidago filler ~ the perfect way to brighten up your Holiday weekend. Stop in to either shop - Princeton Forrestal Village or 45 E. Afton Ave in Yardley , PA. While you are here, check out our sale table with candles, jewelry, toys and more; all highly discounted! 

Peaches and Pinks

Peach and Pink Wedding Flowers never quite go out of style (thank goodness) but when ever we create floral designs with these coordinator colors, they always manage to be a show stopper.  Bride Emem looked amazing holding her peaches, creams and pink bridal bouquet made from roses, garden roses, hydrangeas, peony and orchids.   The brides maids carried creations of cream hydrangea accented with pink and peach roses and pink cymbidium orchids.   Elegant brandy snifters filled with peach and pink flowers with ivy trails and curly willow loops placed on raspberry colored table linens. We loved the setting at Paradise Vineyards and a special thank you goes out to Jeri Houseworth for her amazing photography!  

Bring in the Plants to Freshen the Air - By Customer Care Coordinator Alanna

During the heat of the summer months we tend to shut the windows and turn up the A/C. Being cooped up inside with low air quality can cause headaches, asthma and allergies. Indoor plants are a healthy and natural way to filter the air. They help create oxygen and reduce airborne toxins, such as formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene.  These toxins can be found in (but are not limited to) wallpapers, paints, plywood paneling, glues, furniture waxes and polishes, carpet cleaners, gasoline, plastics, detergents and fabric softeners. NASA did a study a few years on ways to reduces toxins in the air. They compiled a list of everyday plants that help purify the air you breath in your home or office.  Some of the top winners are: Peace Lily ( Spathiphyllum) Red-Edged Dracaena (Dracaena Marginata) Snake Plant (Sansevieria Trifasciata) Chinese Evergreen (Algaonema Crispum) What is a Dish Garden? That's simple, the term simply means multiple plant