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What's New in the Shop - January 2017

Can you believe the Christmas/Hanukkah season is over? I know I can't but I'm personally excited for the start of 2017! Every year at this time we revamp the shop, clean out the old and in with the new. January is always a great time to freshen up the home or office with plants which is why we bring in plants of all types and sizes.  Right now Succulent Plants are very popular and they make such nice gifts for pretty much an occasion. We have them potted and ready to go.  We also have loose plugs that can be combined into gardens in just about any kind of container.  Wouldn't these be cute for the office.  Succulents planted in ceramic and/or glass.   We also restocked our selection of tillandsia....  Small Bonsai Plants It's also a great time of year for a big, bold bunch of fresh flowers!   We're also restocked our selection of adorable little angels including this one that says "Have Faith" We've always c

Succulent Plant Care

Succulent Care  Succulents are fleshy plants, adapted for storing water in times of drought. We carry them at the shop and they make great gifts because of their beautiful presentation and easy maintenance.  They have been very popular for a while, so I thought I would share some care tips. Most succulents like bright indirect light, but not all can tolerate full sun for lengthy periods of time.  During the growing season from Spring to Fall water once a week, making sure the soil is soaked though and then left to drain. During the winter, watering can be adjusted to every other week unless plant is near heat source, use your judgment. Rain water or distilled is preferable to tap, as tap water can be very alkaline. If re potting use soil that has very good drainage.            We carry a "Zen Succulent Garden"  that is the perfect gift for home or office. That's all for today!  :)

What's New and What's Organic

I love our signs around the shop and as this one says, Plants are the Ultimate Organic Gift. Right now now we are selling more plants than ever before and with all the cool options, it's not really a surprise. Not only do they make a great gift but folks love having them in the own home and office. Terrariums and Air- Terrariums have become so popular that we are dedicating space the store to glass containers along with specialty stones, moss and more.  With our wide selection of mini tropical plants, succulents and air plants, you can come into the shop, pick out your plants , container and other elements to go home and create your own living garden .  check out these new little cut Echeveria's in a bag. Aren't they adorable. They even come with instruction on how to root them and turn them into a thriving plant. At only $14.99, they make a wonderful little gift for a friend, teacher or relative. 

Plant Gift Ideas for New Years

One of the best parts of starting a brand new year, is that feeling of starting over. The best way to freshen up your life at home and at work is with a fresh plant . Here are a few ideas to help you celebrate 2015 and treat yourself to a little positive energy!  Designer Holly just made this goblet of succulent plants for a customer who was taking it as a gift. Don't you just love the look? The texture of these different succulents combined in the over sized brandy snifter really make this an appealing planter combination. Call us to send this as a gift or to have us make one for you!   Violets ~ Aren't these stunning. Their fuzzy deep green leaves and brightly colored purple flowers are sure to brighten any location. Although violets do require a certain amount of indirect light and care, for those with a green thumb, they are a stand out.   I often hear ~ "I'm not good with orchids, I kill them". Well, no you didn't kill it, it bloomed and

DIY Succulents in Hanging Glass Globe

O ur designer, Norman, created a petite succulent in a hanging glass globe. This is a really simple design that anyone can make and we are excited to show you how! We have all of the materials you'll need in both of our Princeton and Yardley locations: -1 glass globe -1 2.5-3.5” succulent plant -1 ribbon / string -1 pinch of moss   First you take your succulent plant out of it's pot. Tap away excess soil, these need very little water and the moss will help hold the moisture. Next, slide the plant into the globe. Depending on the side of the plant and the entrance to your globe this may take some manipulating. Next,  take the moss, any kind of moss will do, we used Reindeer Moss. Dip the moss in just a bit of water so it is moist and place it around the base of the plant. You'll need to play around with this to make sure most of the roots are covered. Lastly, cut your ribbon or string to the desired length and slip through the t