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I am surrounded by flowers!!

Thought I'd share some views from the Northeastern Floral Conference. Wow, what a way to spend a weekend, surrounded by flowers and making new floral friends! Our friends at Delaware Valley Wholesale had the most amazing display - see above!! It's so much fun seeing flowers that are so artfully designed!! Next stop? The Floral Design Competition! Getting to meet lots of new people, discuss the floral business and have fun is the order of the day at the Conference. Above, Georgianne gets to meet and spend time with the shop owners of Don's Own Flower Shop located in Geneva, NY! Checking out the new varieties of flowers are especially enlightening. These cool blooms were located at the DV booth! If you can't tell how big they are from this picture, check out the roses next to them! It was especially fun spending time with our favorite floral importers, DV. It's always so nice to spend quality time with John Richards and Ken Wilkens!! I even got to meet Bill Shodowski