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Me Relaxing? Yes and here is proof

Sorry, could not resist. Yesterday, after the staff and I successfully delivered and set up 5 weddings, I - Georgianne Vinicombe, went home, ate dinner and actually relaxed on my deck. My husband snuck this picture and no, I'm not down loading photos, updating a website or anything work related. I was actually playing solitaire on my new Droid phone. So to answer the burning question that I'm often asked "Do you ever relax?". Here is the proof, yes I do!! :o)

Do What You Love and Success Will Follow

I know it's the American dream to own your own home but who out there doesn't sometimes long for the days of being a renter and making the landlord fix the furnace? Being a homeowner has lots of advantages but along come some definite disadvantages such as bills to pay that you did not expect, leaky faucets, a downturn in real estate prices, not to mention increases in property taxes!! Yikes! Have you ever met a business owner who seems frazzled, unhappy and worn out? I know I have and there are times when I can truly relate. Being self employed is no easy task and in many ways being an employee is similar to the renter and being the owner is similar to the homeowner. There are good things about being the King of your own Kingdom. Then there are times when you think it would be wonderful to be the Court Jester, right? What does this all boil down to? It boils down to love. The feeling that you can't live without it. That you must have it, control it, and make it complete