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Sunny and Simple

This particular arrangement was created for a wedding but can you imagine getting this arrangement for your birthday or because you were feeling a bit under the weather. I've written many blogs about the attributes of receiving flowers but can you honestly look at this sunny arrangement and not smile? Last year when I was in the hospital over night, my staff sent me the most lovely floral arrangement and I have to tell you how happy it made me feel. Not just to have those lovely flowers in view but also because of the card message, which let me know that my staff missed me. Don't ever under estimate the Power of Flowers!!

The Best of Weddings

The knot , originally uploaded by Georgianne at Monday Morning Flowers . Well, our plaque just arrived and I have to say I'm tickled pink. It's so nice to know that our brides love us!

Is your florist really local?

Wow, talk about a term that gets over used. Not all "local" florists are local. Some out-of-state telemarketing and online firms pose as local florists. These companies mislead consumers into feeling they are ordering flowers from a local florist, but without their knowledge, are being call-remote forwarded to another state. These firms charge higher fees and take business away from legitimate local florists. Consumers are deceived into thinking they are doing business with a local company when they're not. That's unethical and unfair. Any local florist would be happy to assist you with your out of town orders but they will let you know upfront that they are using an affiliate shop to make the delivery. To make sure you are doing business with a local professional florist, just follow these tips from the Federal Trade Commission. Ask for directions to the shop. If they hesitate or refuse, chances are they are not a real florist. Deal only with shops that list their