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Meet the Staff

Anyone that knows me knows that I consider my employees part of my extended family. To be honest, I probably know more about them and they about me than some of my very own family members. I guess this can be a fact of life when you own a business. Anyway, I recently added a section onto my Monday Morning Flowers website called "Meet the Staff". I asked each employee to tell me a little bit about themselves, their background and what they would like our customers to know about them. I, in turn, added a bit of fluff and my own observations of these great people. I have yet to get all my employees to do it (although I have been known to do a bit of arm twisting to get what I want) but I'm really happy with the positive response we have gotten so far. I think the thing that has been the most shocking to me is how handsome a group they are!! Gorgeous flowers, beautiful employees, what more can a business owner ask for. Check it out at

Look Them in the Eye

Every now and then, in the middle of a busy, stressful, yet rewarding work week you have to step back and look around you. It's so easy to get caught up in the day to day stuff that you forget to look people in the eye, to really see those around you. I notice that sometimes when I'm working with a customer, I can get so caught up in getting their flowers or ringing up their sale, that I forget to look at them. You know, make long, meaningful eye contact. I notice that as outgoing as I am, I can sometimes be shy. It seems so intimate to make eye contact that I look here and there but not always directly at them. It's a habit I'm looking to break because the act goes both ways. They can't see the real me until I not only show them the smile in my voice but also the smile in my eyes. So, what brought me to this blog today? I was sitting here at my desk, trying to get hyped up to start working on some wedding proposals, which are sometimes the equivalent of homework

Monday Morning Flowers Featured as a Case Study

The publishers of "How to Open and Operate a Successful Florist and Floral Business Both Online and Off" have included our shop in their latest edition. A case study that includes both my personal background and my shop history are predominately featured. I am really honored to have been asked to participate! I've always had a great love of both the creative and business side of running a flower shop and being interviewed for this book allowed me to show both sides. It's always fun to talk about my business from a positve as well as realistic point of view. Self-employment can be very rewarding but many people considering starting their own business are not always prepared for the amount of time, money and dedication needed to succeed. For anyone out there interested in the Floral Field, the book is chock full of wonderful information and can be found on-line at and at many other book sellers.

Helping However You Can, Even Little Things Mean A Lot

Times are tough, or so they say, but it always feels good to donate your time and/or money whenever possible. As a small business person I try to take advantage of any little angle that I might have to help others. Sometimes it's just donating some flowers to the "Exchange Club" or sending a little money to "Operation Smile" or even giving a basket to be raffled off by the "Girl Scouts" or a local nursing home. It's not big, it's not Earth shattering, but I'm a big believer in the saying "every little bit helps". This brings to mind the kind letter presented to me by our employee Chuck Moscarello. Each year Chuck takes a week off from work here at the flower shop to drive down to Preston County, West Virginia along with dozens of teenagers from the Gregorian Youth Ministry. Once there, these kids and their adult organizers provide help to some of the local towns people with various building projects or repairs. Apparently this a