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Valentine's Day Best Sellers ~ Monday Morning Flowers

Happy February! Can you believe it February 8th already? It's that time of year again and being the Valentine's Day Holiday is just a few days away, I now know what our best sellers are so far so here we go!! #3 Best Seller: Modern Thoughts This one is a surprise because it's not the traditional red roses but truthfully, this arrangement is gorgeous in person. Lavender roses, tulips, hydrangea and orchids in a modern compact cylinder design with looping lily grasses.  #2 Best Seller:   Be My Love This arrangement brings us back to tradition with white lilies, red roses and daisies. Priced at $60 it sends a bit of romance with a fun and flirty flair.  #1 Best Seller:    Classic Red Roses As it is almost every year, the Classic Red Rose Design is our best seller. Our roses this year will be Freedom roses accented with elegant foliage and sweet smelling baby blue eucalyptus. Did you know that we do not raise our prices during holidays? Well it's