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Summer Floral Design with Margaritas

What do Flowers and Margarita's have in common? Apparently at Monday Morning Flowers they have quite a bit. Our Summer Floral Design Class appears to have been a big hit with the ladies who attended. Even my Mother in Law got into the act and had a blast.  As will all our classes, we start off with food and drinks, giving the attendees a little time to mingle, network and shop.   This class included $15 worth of Monday Morning Money for the ladies to spend however they wanted. Candles, hand bags and plants seemed to be the best sellers that night.  Next comes the design part the program . This class had us learning how to design using colored floral foam in a margarita glass. The students really had fun and Designer Nicole did a great job leading them through with tips and tricks.   As you can see, even the young girls had fun! Future designers perhaps?  Who wouldn't laugh during a class with such bright colored flowers. Well, the margarita's helped!