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Purple Mystery Flower

What is the flower? Can you guess? I'll bet you think it's a rose? Nope, it's actually a form of ornamental kale that we use in floral arrangements. This variety is hands down our favorite and it's called "Red Crane" and comes through the dutch market and is grown in Holland green houses. Apparently, it's edible but we've never tried it and I'm thinking we probably won't! Long lasting yet fun and fancy, our designers love "Kale Season". If you order a flower arrangement from our shop, you just might find it among the other blooms. It's especially nice used in Thanksgiving centerpieces and the green and white variety are spectacular during Christmas! Take advantage of Kale Season and ask for this awesome flower when you place your order! To see more of our floral creations be sure to check out our website at and if you are planning a wedding our designs can be seen at http://www.perfectweddingflow

In Town Out of Town - Same Price Through a Local Florist

We'll it's finally happened. We have done away with the service fee associated with sending flowers outside our own delivery. Using our affiliate of local flower shops in the Teleflora and/or FTD wire services, we can not only send flowers anywhere in the USA but now it does not cost you anything additional to do so. And remember, we are a local florist, sending to a local florist - There is no middleman!! Why is this a big deal? Because we want to be your local florist and years ago, before what our industry calls "order gatherers" came into existence our customers trusted us to send their orders both near and far. Those days changed forever with the invention of businesses who were not in the business of creating and delivering flower arrangements. Their sole business is to "gather" the order and "relay" them to local florists who were responsible for creating and delivery the flowers. What this effectively did was "cut out" the local