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Christmas Wreaths

It's that time of year again when folks start decorating their houses for the holidays and so we start making door wreaths and swags. Did you ever wonder where the tradition of hanging a wreath on your door began? Back through many cultures and religions, the hanging of a wreath, the symbol of eternal life, has been a way of celebrating happy occasions and holidays. Even during years when my husband and I were too busy to even put up a Christmas tree (yes, the florist who decorates for others does not always decorate for herself) we've always celebrated the holidays with a wreath. Each year Kevin and I do something different (last years wreath was square with purple ribbons and balls) and it's just our way of expressing ourselves at home. Ask any floral designer and they'll tell you that creating custom holiday wreaths is one of the most fun parts of their job. Why not let us create one for you!!