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A Garden Wedding...

I met Ava and Harry one night quite a few months ago to talk about their vision for their wedding. Almost 3 hours later I felt like I had a clear picture of what they wanted their wedding flowers to look like. I also felt like I had known them forever. We really had a nice time talking about flowers, work and life. It's amazing how brides and grooms come and go but there is a piece of each one left behind inside of me when the wedding day is over. I was especially excited to do their wedding because Ava wanted us to create a cascade bouquet for her. I love hand tied bouquets but truth be told we do so many of them, it's more challenging to do a good, old fashioned bridal bouquet. My prediction is that we'll be seeing more and more cascades. The same weekend we did Harry and Ava's wedding we did two others and 2 out of three brides choose a cascade style bouquet, so it seems to be a trend that is picking up momentum. Ava's beautiful bouquet was very simple but so str