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Philadelphia Flower Show 2012

Well, it's that time of year again - Time for the Philadelphia Flower Show! This year I did not act as a judge as I have in the past, but I was able to attend and take a look see with the hubby on Sunday. The theme this year is Hawaii and as you enter this magical place you are greeting by blue clear ocean above and white dendrobium orchid and anthurium flower waves crashing over head. What a wonderful way to start the show!  A close up below reveals how the white caps were created along with elegant and gracefully curved phaelanopsis orchid plants. Folks loved it!!    This exhibit was my personal favorite, created by Robertson's floral. On each side, representing the blue oceans with white cresting waves, were these blue water filled vessels and cut phael orchid sprays. In the center was a trip thru the mainland with it's tropical flowers and fauna and sandy beaches.  Everywhere you looked there were every type of tropical bloom and orchid imaginable!

Philadelphia Flower Show 2011

Well, it's that time of year again when my ticket to judge at the Philadelphia Flower Show arrives. This year the theme was Springtime in Paris! What a perfect theme for a wonderful show! Well, the show was amazing. Due to the time it took to judge and the judging still going on, we were not able to see everything but it was fun to run quickly around and breath in all the spring flower scents! The grand entrance was fun with it's copy of the Eiffel Tower and these adorable bugs made from flower and plant material. What a greeting they were! Paris scenes and spring flowers were everywhere! Flowing planters of Spring blooms were everywhere! Daffodils being judged for their beauty! I don't envy the judges who have decide which one of these gorgeous plants is the best. They all looked amazing to me. Well, that it's it, a quick recap of the 40 minutes we had to see the show between judging. If you want to really feel like you have experienced Springtime in Paris, go check ou

I am surrounded by flowers!!

Thought I'd share some views from the Northeastern Floral Conference. Wow, what a way to spend a weekend, surrounded by flowers and making new floral friends! Our friends at Delaware Valley Wholesale had the most amazing display - see above!! It's so much fun seeing flowers that are so artfully designed!! Next stop? The Floral Design Competition! Getting to meet lots of new people, discuss the floral business and have fun is the order of the day at the Conference. Above, Georgianne gets to meet and spend time with the shop owners of Don's Own Flower Shop located in Geneva, NY! Checking out the new varieties of flowers are especially enlightening. These cool blooms were located at the DV booth! If you can't tell how big they are from this picture, check out the roses next to them! It was especially fun spending time with our favorite floral importers, DV. It's always so nice to spend quality time with John Richards and Ken Wilkens!! I even got to meet Bill Shodowski