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Adorable Little Faces

When I was a little girl, I was so in love with all my stuffed animals. At night I used to pile them all in the bed with me because I didn't want any of them to feel sad or alone. Flash forward over 40 years and I'm still a sucker for their cute little smiles. Being the buyer for the shop can be hard when these soft, adorable faces look back at me. I want to buy them all!  Red and white teddy bears are a staple during Valentine's Day.   Love the curly hair and gingham bows on these adorable bears.   Soft pastel colored bears with little black noses are cuddly soft.   This beige bear is super fluffy with button eyes and a big red nose.   Love the striped bow on this soft and cuddly blue, purple and pink bear.   We have more than just bears, like this adorable Puppy Dog. Well, I may be all grown up but I still love those cuddly plush. How lucky am I that I get to surround myself with them at the shop too?