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Be That Guy This Valentine's Day

I laugh when I see this graphic below (borrowed of course) but I admit that I am encouraging those flower sending guys out there to send flowers 1 day early this year. The main reason is because Valentine's Day falls on a Saturday in 2015 and it's always more exciting to receive flowers at work than at home. Why you may ask? It's fun to having your coworkers see you get flowers and makes you feel special!  As I write this blog, we've already started receiving orders for the holiday with about 75% be requested for Friday the 13th and the rest going out on Saturday. What day would you want to send or receive your Valentine's Day Flowers this year? 

Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Men to Their Ladies

Do  you have a special anniversary coming up ~ 5 years, 10 years maybe even 25 years? Well, we have some really great ideas for you! Take past Groom Ellis for example? This past week was he and Tina's 5th wedding anniversary. What did he do to make the day special? He had us duplicate her bridal bouquet for her! What a sweet guy and what a great idea, right? Can't remember what was in her bridal bouquet ? Don't worry, any talented florist can take a peek at a photo and determine how it was made and what flowers were used. In the case of Tina and Ellis, we designed the original bouquet 5 years ago and so it was easily recreated.  Wow, what about sending this? One hundred, yes I said 100, long stem red roses . Imagine the delivery arriving to her office and how amazing she will feel when all her coworkers see this! Roses are the traditional anniversary flower and they speak of love but if red is not her color, why not send her assorted colors of roses like this

We Are a Yes We Can Flower Shop

 Ring, ring, ring - Us: "Hello, Monday Morning Flowers, how can I help you?" Customer: "We need 30 floral centerpieces in 2 hours, can you help us?" Us: "Of course, we'll deliver them for you in 2 hours!" Customer: "It's my anniversary today and I need something sent our fast. What should I send to my wife?" Us: "How about a dozen of our Premium roses made by designer Norman? She'll love it" We have fun at the shop and we all work hard to be able to say Yes to our customers. To see more of our custom designs or learn more about our shop visit our website at

Roses to Go

Roses, roses and more roses. Did you know that roses are still the most popular flowers in the whole (yes, the whole wide) world? Well, they are and with good reason. They come in so many gorgeous colors, they have long, straight stems (at least the florist grade ones do) and they last longer than other flowers (iris and peony only last 3 days in a vase). This past weekend we sent out this order to one special young lady. Four huge vases, each filled with 2 dozen long stem roses. Yes, that's 8 dozen roses - Wow! My partner in crime made the delivery and it caused quite a stir. I can only imagine that this special delivery will be remembered for a long, long time! To see more of our flower and roses selections check out our website at .