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Fruit Basket Delivery

Did you know that we create and deliver yummy Fruit Baskets for Hanukkah and Christmas? Not only do we deliver these gifts during the holiday season but all year long. Have a few folks on your shopping list that might enjoy a healthy gift? Why not let us customize the perfect food basket for them. Do they love tea? We can add tea and even locally collected honey. Do they love Chocolate? We have a wide selection of delicious chocolates include Moonstruck, Ashers and even Lindt. Are they fond of Fudge? Or Cheese? Or even Trail Mix? Well, we have all those items too. As a matter of fact, we carry over 60 gourmet and snack items all year long. Shop our website or call us now to let us create the perfect food basket to be delivered this holiday season!  We're here to help you , call us today! 

Trail Mixes and Dried Fruits

As I look for inspiration to write a blog, it suddenly came to me!! I wanted to talk about our gourmet and snack line here at the shop and how we know, for a fact, that everything we sell is yummy. I guess you are wondering how we know that? We taste it , of course!! As I write this, I have a huge handfull of this yummy dried fruit mix right next to my keyboard. I'm particular about the food items that we sell and knowing that everything is fresh and tastes good is very important. One of the biggest compliments we get at the shop is when someone who received a basket of goodies from us goes out of their way to come in to buy more of what they ate! Food baskets make great gifts and we make them custom for you. Let us know what the person might like and let us do the rest!! To see more of gourmet baskets feel free to check out our website at

Holiday Shopping...

For those of you who read my blog, you know I rarely make it overly "Salesish" but in the spirit of Christmas and knowing that many of you will be running around like crazy looking for gifts, I thought it might be nice if I point out some of my favorite offerings this year. The orders for some of our Teleflora product have started coming in and I have to say I really love the Christmas Cookie Bouquet. The mixing bowl is simply adorable and the arrangmenet really makes up nice. Because this is a Teleflora product, it's easy for us to help you send this to just about any location in the US and Canada. At $52.95 this really makes a sweet gift for anyone on your list and shopping online and hand delivery make it both fast and simple. Another Teleflora  product that I'm really liking is the Teleflora Lenox Holly-Day arrangement. The bowl is aspecially lovely and we have already sold quite a few of these, minus the flowers. That, to me, is the ultimate compliment as peo

Feed Me!!

Feed Me!! That reminds me of The Little Shop of Horrors! If you've never seen it you must go, it's so funny. Anyway, I got the idea for this blog while watching Cake Boss the other night as he was creating a cake of the shouting "Feed Me" monster. It made me hungry for cake right then and there.  So, onto the blog... people love food. They love eating and so they love sending food as gifts, not to mention receiving them! It's always been amazing to me how many florists don't want to create and delivery gourmet, snack and fruit baskets. We love it. We not only do those but we have been doing a cookie arrangement for over 20 years that is very popular and thank goodness, the cake baker sends an "extra" cookie for us now and then. Yum!! And no disrespect to the Cake Boss (you are my hero) but we even do cakes. Add some balloons and the party begins! We all have people in our lives that we have no idea what to get them. Maybe it's their birthday