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Wrapped or Arranged ~ that is the question... floral advise for you!

When sending flowers as a gift, we'll sometimes ask you if you would like for us to arrange the flowers or perhaps wrap them. It might sound confusing but it's just the difference between having us provide a "container" for the floral gift or wrapping the bouquet so that the person receiving the flowers can add them to their own vase. Even if the bouquet is just wrapped in pretty paper, it's still arranged in a way that makes it easy to put right into a vase. If you know the recipient would like to "arrange" their own flowers, we can wrap the flowers presentation style and they can have fun designing their own creations! Below is an example of a hand tied bouquet of fresh flowers. When sending flowers to a private home, this might be the way to go as many folks have plenty of vases to choose from in their kitchen cabinets. This also allows us to put as much money as possible into the value of the flowers.  When sending a gift to a nursing home, hosp

Finding a Real Florist and Not an Order Gatherer

Don't you love the Internet? We do but with the invent of the internet came a very bad thing for florists ~ The dreaded Order Gatherer. What is an Order Gatherer you ask? It's a business who sometimes claims to be a physical floral store, located in a town where they really are not located. How do they stay in business? By acting like they are a real florist , they "gather" orders and then turn around and send them via a floral network such as Teleflora or FTD back to real florists who then fill them.  Why is this bad?  First off, it's bad for the florist, because the orders are "stolen" away from them and then often resent back to them at a lower price than the consumer pays.  Second, this is bad for the consumer because they are often paying a high fee almost $20 in some cases, that goes to the "order gatherer" directly and not into their floral gift. Some even do what we call skimming, which means they pay the florist even less than

Sympathy Flowers - Boxed? That's a Big NG

If you've read my blog before you know how I feel about funeral flowers. Yes, those obituaries sometimes say "In Lieu of Flowers" and you all know, that it does not mean not to send flowers. It merely means if you want to make a donation, yadda, yadda. You know that floral tributes not only express your sympathy for the grieving but don't you think the funeral home looks very sad if there were no flowers there? Sending flowers for funerals is a tradition that goes back ages and the reason is that it helps folks know you care, flowers make them feel loved, make it known the person who has passed was loved. It helps make the funeral more bearable. This blog is not about that. It's about NOT sending flowers that arrive to the funeral home in a box! We are not against ProFlowers, who just happens to be pictured here. They are not the only ones that sell flowers delivered in the mail. FTD and 1800flowers sell those, among others.  This blog aims to make you awar