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Fresh and Simple

So, I posted this photo on my facebook page and people went crazy! It must be color but let's face it, it's a simple bouquet of three very common flowers - roses, mini gerbers and carnations but the color really takes it from boring to bravo! Tiny accents of branched solidago and add the fact that all these flowers are ultra high quality and fresh and with a bit of luck, we'll have hit a home run with our bride this weekend!! To see more of our floral designs for every day and wedding visit our website at

Gerber Daisies

Need something affordable to decorate tables for a picnic, shower or other event? Personally, I love these simple floating gerber daisies. These were created for an event at Princeton University and the black stones and orange gerbers really scream Princeton! Five inch square vases give the daisy plenty of room to spread out and show the black river stones. Easy for guests to take home and very long lasting.  Sometimes simple works best!!