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Thanksgiving Inspiration

Is Thanksgiving your favorite holiday? If so, you are not alone. An amazing meal, fresh flowers and football... the perfect combination! We have some new designs available for the Thanksgiving holiday and wanted to share. Which one is your favorite? This one is called Autumnal Blooms Basket ~ This one is called Autumn Hues :  This adorable design include these beautiful long lasting blooms in a keepsake ceramic pumpkin! Alstroemeria Pumpkin Princeton  These 3 designs can be split up around the home or be arranged down one long table. This design is called Autumn in a Row.   This design is called Harvest Moon. Don't you love those vibrant colors?  How fun is this little mug? The front shows an adorable Turkey and the back says Gobble Till You Wobble. This design is called the Turkey Mug . Which one would you like to receive as a gift? To see more of our Thanksgiving offerings, including some adorable keepsake gifts, be sure to visit our website at

Feeling Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving! The holiday means different things to different people. Working in the flower business it's about helping other have a festive and happy day. Our designers have been hard at working creating some pretty floral designs in all shapes and sizes. This pretty centerpiece was priced at only $24.99!   This design is called Skillman Sophistication.   We sold so many ceramic pumpkins this holiday!  Another pretty centerpiece with sunflowers, roses, statice, pods and eucalyptus.   Cornucopias are popular ever year and this year was no exception.   Many of our designs were styled as low and long designs, perfect for long tables. Which one is your favorite? 

Fall Flower of the Week - Chrysanthemum!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and Fall flowers are in full bloom!  This week’s “Flower of the Week” is the Chrysanthemum Pom Pom.  These flowers are so beautiful in their rich fall colors, they look great in a mixed bouquet or in a vase by themselves.  Perfect for Thanksgiving centerpieces , we can create a beautiful table piece using these affordable pom poms.  Want something a little less traditional?  Look at this adorable turkey that incorporates the pom poms, made by our designer! At only $8.99 per bunch, the pom poms are simple and elegant and can easily spruce up your home for the holiday next week.  Call us today to have a beautiful mixed arrangement made with the deep orange and red colors, or stop in and pick up a bunch!   Check out other arrangements featuring chrysanthemums on our website by searching “chrysanthemum”.  Call 609-520-2005 today to order a beautiful bouquet in time for Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Flowers

We really love Thanksgiving here at the shop. Years ago when I still went out on the road to make deliveries, Thanksgiving was my favorite holiday to deliver for. Why you might ask? The smells, the amazing smells that come from inside when they greet you at the door. Cooking! Everyone is cooking and they are so happy. Add a gorgeous flower arrangement for the table and the holiday is complete.

Family Time and the Holidays

Family Time. What is that exactly? I know most people think in terms of mothers spending time with daughters, fathers with sons, brothers and sisters getting together, the whole shebang but to me Family Time means spending time with people who are important to me. You hear a lot about Family Time during the holidays and those of us with shrinking or small families, it can make us feel a bit like an orphan. Anyone who has read my past blogs knows that I find most holidays to be stressful and sad. I've tried to figure out why that is and I guess it comes down to the fact that a lot of the people in my life that were important to me are no longer living but it's more than that. With down time so hard to come by combined with proximity being an issue, it seems like it gets harder and harder to spend time with the people that I care about. Then comes the pressure of trying to find time to see all these important people during the holidays, it's enough to make any florist weep.