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Amanda's Wedding Flowers ~ an Early Spring Affair

We love when professional photographers share pictures from wedding flowers we create. These pictures are from Amanda's wedding in early June and we actually just provided flowers for her sister Morgan's wedding last week! Don't you love the colors? Very unique and such fun!

Wedding Flowers Re-Purposed

This past Saturday we had 3 lovely weddings we provided flowers for. Our bride April asked us if we could pick up the left over flowers the morning after the reception and re-purpose them for drop off at a few nursing homes. Originally created in glass bubble bowls we thought it would be nice to neaten them up and put them into little silver cups, ginger jars and other cute vases. These are going to be perfect for the residents rooms and various sitting areas.  Such a nice thing to do, don't you agree?   To see photos from this wedding, be sure to visit our wedding website at

Long Lasting Flowers

Do you ever think, "I'm not going to buy flowers because they don't last long enough"? If so you are not buying the right flowers. At our shop we sell a mixture of unique and common blooms and some last longer than others. Here are a few example of flowers that can not only brighten up your home but will last 2 weeks or longer! Protea ~  considered a tropical flowers native to South Africa, these funky and fun flowers last for weeks and weeks. No only are they unique but they come in cool colors like yellow, orange and red! The cost per stem is a bit high but you don't need many to make a statement.  Carnations ~  before you think or say "No Carnations" you need to think again. Not only do these fluffy blooms last a long time, they come in amazing colors. Just a few in a short vase with fresh water every few days can last 2 to 3 weeks!  Daisies ~  now these are not your grannies daisies. These "Micro Poms" (as they are calle