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Affordable Flowers for the Home

I've said it before and I will say it again, living with flowers not only brightens you home but it makes you feel better. Studies show that seeing flowers first thing in the morning helps people feel more positive and uplifted. Think you can't afford flowers? Now you can. Each Friday we off a fresh bouquet of flowers for only $5 and these are not just any old flowers. These are fresh, big bunches that change each Friday to give you a variety from week to week. Last wee we had fall carnations, the week before we had Oriental Lilies. We sometimes do stock, gerbera daisies and even roses. Fresh, full and fun, you really need to treat yourself to these beauties.  Sorry, no delivery available but maybe, just maybe you should swing by one of our stores and treat yourself to a bouquet. Get out and smell the flowers! 111 Main Street, Princeton, NJ in the Princeton Forrestal open until 7 pm and 45 East Afton Avenue, Yardley PA open until 6 pm. To reserve a bouquet call us at 609.5

Shamrock's for St. Patrick's Day

Keeping with the St. Patrick's Day theme, this weeks $5 Flower Friday is a small Shamrock plant decorated for the holiday weekend. We also have very cool green flower bouquets... aren't they pretty?   Haven't heard about our $5 Flower Friday specials? Each Friday we offer (at both stores of course) a special flower deal for only $5. Last week we had bouquets of iris and the week before that we had bouquets of freesia.  We know the supermarket has cheap flowers but what we try to offer are flowers you won't see in the market and ones we usually sell for $15, $20 or even $30 on other days. It's our way of making it worth your while to stop in, say hi and buy flowers from us instead of picking them up when you go shopping. In doing so, we hope you remember us for all those other special times when flowers are the perfect fit to the occasion. These little cutie of a plant are limited but we hope to see you at either of our stores ~ Princeton Forrestal Village

Feel Good, Surround Yourself with Flowers

I was totally thrilled to see that InStyle Magazine suggests surrounding yourself with flowers to feel better. I could not agree more!!

Five Dollar Friday

Did you know that every Friday we have a $5.00 flower special? Each Friday morning we decide as a team what we want to offer and then we post it on our facebook page at and . What makes it special is the price! At a retail value of usually $10 to $25, the $5 price tag gives our customers an affordable way to have flowers in their home every week. Feel free to call ahead to reserve your bouquet or just to find out what flowers are being offered! We'd love to see you this or any other Friday. 111 Main Street, Princeton Forrestal Village (just up from the Westin Hotel) and 45 E. Afton Ave, Yardley, PA.