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Our Store Remodel

If you have been in our shop over the last few days you may notice a few changes. It was time and we we're all so excited for the New Year to arrive! The first part of the remodel was to remove our dated, over sized walk in/display cooler. Folks seem surprised that we wanted to remove this unit but we had some very good reasons. It was 18 years, it had a slow leak that required either $11,000 worth of repairs or $1,000 worth of freon every 3 to 4 months. The most compelling reason for removing this cooler was because although it looked brand new from the outside, it was actually now too big for our needs. Most of customers are unaware that when we expanded 9 years ago, we added another large walk in cooler measuring 12 feet by 15 feet which is more than an enough refrigeration space for our needs. A new large 2 door cooler will be replacing the one we took out but see below for how open and airy the shop looks now! We're really having fun displaying more plants, gardens and

What's New in the Shop ~ Valentine's Day and Beyond

If you've been in our shop over the last year or so, we may have noticed that we've really expanded our product lines. In addition the usual Flower Shop items we have expanded into new home decor and fashion lines including scarves, like this one shown below. Recently we brought in a wide selection of late winter and Spring scarves in all colors of the rainbow. I think this black and red scarf below would make an adorable gift for Valentine's day, right?  Another line we recently added was some items from Primal Elements, which include these perfume rollettes. These are compact enough to store in your handbag and dab when you are on the go will have you smelling delightful in no time!  In 2014 we added Moonstruck Chocolates to our gourmet line and this week we added these amazing chocolate Barks. This bar has Rasberries and Fennel Sugar and looks like a work of art!   We did so well with our red rose light up pens that we just brought in a line of spring col

Something for Everyone for Spring and Summer

Everyone knows we have flowers and plants but not everyone knows we have fun gift items. Is someone you know crazy about Music? These mugs are fun, don't you think?  Cute gifts for women and girls ~ mugs, banks, picture frames, wine glasses, coasters and candle holders in bright and vibrant colors!    Love these new towers of treats. They make fun gift and we deliver them too. They are not available via our website .    TJewels jewelry is our latest addition and we've had to restock already. Who says you can't buy something for yourself? This affordable line of jewelry has something for everyone!   Just in a new line of handbags for Spring and Summer. Prices start at just $40!    Don't forget that June 16th if Father's Day . We have lots of fun gift ideas for dad in addition to plants, goodies and flowers.