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Greeting Your Guests

Imagine this... your guests arrive for your outdoor garden wedding. They have no idea what to expect. Suddenly they enter the venue and walk smack dab into this display! Wow, talk about making a statement but oh, how overlooked this element usually is in the planning process. The particular wedding of Katie and Kyle really had a natural/hip vibe going on. Katie had each detail carefully planned out. All white flowers against black dresses. Feathers in her mini calla lily bouquet coordinated with her slightly feathered headpiece. Rectangular tables with long, low and florals in cube vases down the center. Moss green accents in the way of ribbon, actual moss spheres and even moss covered initials (K&K for Katie and Kyle) were also used. Spidery mums in the arrangements that coordinated with favors that were decorated cookies of the same theme. Last but not least - and actually first to be seen - we planned and coordinated this escort card table piece. Flowers in a square of all w

Show Your Stuff!

I love this shot of our bride Caroline from her August wedding as she struts along the streets of Princeton University's campus. Boy, things have changed in the world of wedding photography. Back in my day, you just stood there and hopefully looked good! We especially loved creating her brides maids bouquets of all hydrangea. They contained three different shades - green, light blue and then medium blue. Tied with a simple ribbon, they really complimented their blue dresses. Caroline's bouquet was created using flowers of different sizes and shapes from white, to pale blue with accents of sapphire. Blue has been a popular color for 2010 and I predict that trend will continue right on into 2011. That sounds good to me being blue is actually my favorite color! To see more of our wedding designs visit our website (and you'll see it's very blue) at

Pop It Out!

Recently one of our brides posted this photo on her Facebook and I have to confess, I took it for myself. As I mentioned to the bride Krista, what I love about this photo is that it not only shows the table flowers (which look very cool, I think) but it shows everyone having an amazing time. Rarely, do we get to see our table arrangements "in action" and this one screams - party! What fun and how rewarding for us to know that we helped set the tone for this very important day. By the way, in case you spy the gorgeous views out the window, this wedding took place this past summer at the pretty Lambertville Inn which is situated on the Delaware River, just across from New Hope, PA. To see more of their beautiful Inn visit their site at !

It's for the Day but also for the Memories

Anyone that has read my blogs knows that I'm pretty passionate about flowers, not just because it's my business but because they hold so many sentimental attachments for me. It's as much about the fragrance and the feelings they evoke as it is the actual flower and form they take. As a child I received flowers, a tiny nosegay held together with ribbons and bows, fresh from the florist on my birthday each year. To this day, when I smell carnations, I get a warm feeling inside because it reminds me of my childhood. My own bridal bouquet was created with lots and lots of mini white stephanotis flowers. For those of you without "smellavision" they smell like sweet minty jasmine and even now when we use them, they remind me of my wedding day 25 years ago. The bouquet pictured here was created for our bride Shannon. Garden roses, peony and ranuculus in shades of creams, pinks and reds - so pretty. As you can see from this photo, Shannon loved her bridal flowers enoug

Choosing Table Linen Colors

Here's a photo of an after wedding (the couple got married in Jamaica) reception that we set up yesterday. I don't know about you but I was so happy to find out that the couple were actually going to be able to choose a linen color. In our area, most banquet halls, country clubs and the like only offer ivory or white and so unless budget allows, many of my clients need to stick to those two options. Personally, I love what a colored linen can do for a room, especially with regards to complimenting the flowers. In this case, the bride and groom asked me my opinion on what linen color they should do and I was happy to advise them. One option was a deep orange but that shade was very overpowering and more of a "fall" orange than a summer tangerine. There was also a hot pink and that color was a bit too much and I feared it would have overpowered the brightly colored flowers they wanted. Another choice was a deep plum purple that I really loved but they were a bit fear

Most Popular Bouquet

Laura's bouquet , originally uploaded by Georgianne at Monday Morning Flowers . People often ask me if there is any one particular bridal bouquet that seems to be a favorite among our brides and the answer is yes - and this is it. A very simple but classic hand tied bouquet of ivory roses, white mini callas, accented with berries and a collar of fresh greens. Each year we do about 100 weddings and we make this exact bouquet no less than 5 or 6 times. Sometimes the ivory roses get replaced with white or even pale pink or peach but the general look and feel remains the same. So there you have, the closest thing we have to a signature bridal bouquet!! To see more of our wedding designs, visit our wedding website at

Purple is in!

julie and her girls , originally uploaded by Georgianne at Monday Morning Flowers . Purple, purple and more purple! It's in and it's hot. This past week was a holiday here at the shop and the lavender cubes and purple vases flew off the shelf. Meeting with brides for late summer and early fall weddings, they are still loving all shades of purple from lavender right on into the deeper tones of lapis. This photo (take by photographer Jeff Tisman) of our bride Julie and her brides maids really shows how nice it is to compliment the deep quartz purple dresses with shades of lavender. Hydangrea, roses, stock, lisianthus, liatris, snapdragons, larkspur and hydrangea along with accent flowers such as statice, limonium and all forms of aster are all wonderful choices when choosing this color palate. What I love about purple is use in the summer with a pop of lime green and it looks so fresh and summeray but use it in fall, it looks rich and elegant. Purple really is a color that c

Show Me the.....

Show me the .... I'll bet you thought I was going to say money, right? Actually, I'm talking about what I ask my brides to show me when they come in to the wedding consultations. I ask them to show me: A picture that shows me what color they want their wedding flowers to be. A picture that shows me what texture they want their wedding flower to have. A picture that show me how big they want their bouquets to be. I've been known to give my brides homework if they come unpreppared with the following but truly, it's time well spent. A picture is worth a 1,000 words (or so they say) and the above three pictures really say it all to me when trying to create wedding bouquets. What color do you want your flowers to be? You'd think that would be a simple question but some brides really struggle with this. I try to advise but truthfully, I want the color to not only match dresses and overall theme but also be a color that makes the bride (and groom) happy. Pick colors th

Do You Care?

I know, you read that title and said "Of course I care" and you don't even know what I'm about to write, do you?? hehehehe. Too funny but I'll bet that's what you are thinking. This blog is about wedding flowers. And it's about brides. Wedding flowers and brides. Two of my favorite things, most of the time. So back to the title - Do you care? Do you care about your wedding flowers? Are they important to you? I often ask brides during my consultations to tell me how important their flowers are to their overall wedding. I use a basic scale from 1 - 10. One being "I could care less if there was even one single flower at my wedding". Ten being "I must have flowers everywhere" and five being "I'm an average bride, they are important but I don't want to break the bank". First off, I have to tell you right now that I don't care if you are my bride and you tell me you are a 3, a 5 or a 10, as long as I can make you happy.

And then there was one...

Do you have trouble deciding what flowers to send to your mom? Can't decide on what type of flowers to use in your bridal bouquet or in the floral centerpieces for your corporate function? Looking to make your floral purchase seem more grand for the dollars being spent? Sometimes the simple way is the best way! Simple means one or maybe two types of flowers and one color. What better way to showcase a gorgeous bloom by multiplying it by 10 or even 20? Creating bouquets that are all one flower, really allow the shape and texture of the flower being used to stand out. If you love a particular flower by itself, chances are you'll love it if many of the same bloom are grouped together. Keep it to one color and it really makes a strong statement! Do you love the softness of hydrangea? Hydrangea is the perfect flower to stand alone in large groupings of 10 or 20 blooms. What drama unfolds as they burst out like little pink, blue or lavender clouds! What about using a single flo

Renting Instead of Buying? Great Idea!

Nobody knows better than a bride how expensive having a wedding can be. That's why I often suggest to my couples that renting items is far more price effective than buying them. The picture to the left is perfect example of pieces that are really worth renting. The matching pedestals and urns really make the look. Each piece rents for only $25 each. Can you imagine having the same flowers presented in a basic container? I'm sure you agree they just would not have the same effect. Another item that I highly recommend you rent instead of purchase yourself are large glass vases. These pictured here are over 28" inches tall and are very sturdy. My advise if you do buy your own glass to use as centerpieces is to make sure that they are extremely thick glass. I learned that lesson the hard way many years ago. I had a bride who had purchases these very nice cylinder vases. She wanted me to fill them with polished river stones, water and lots of sunflowers. Thank goodness we d