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5 Valentine's Day Questions Answered!

•Do the roses I give on Valentine's Day have to be Red? NO! People love receiving roses in other colors such as peach, pink, yellow and lavender. You don't even have to send Roses. Mixed spring bouquets are the next most popular choice to send on Valentine's Day from our shop. •Does my flower gift have to be a huge bouquet of flowers and cost a lot?  Of course not! A single bloom you picked out by hand at your local florist will mean just as much as a whole dozen of roses . Your flower purchase should be relative to what you feel is comfortable for you to spend. There are many options to choose from. Save some real dough by checking out our promotion codes at the bottom of this e-mail! •Why do red flowers seem to cost more during the holiday? Simple supply and demand. Not enough supply and high demand.Go with the crowd and send red flowers or stand out by being creative and most likely, you'll save some money. •What are some other great gift ideas