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Busy with Balloons!

In addition to all the social events we decorate with balloons, we often do corporate events. This week had us creating 4 large balloon arches for a new drug launch for Novo Nordisk. Our staff got in just after 5 am to start working! Two team members work as a team to create the first arch.  Alexis helps out walking the balloons and attaching to creating the balloon arch. One of 4 arches over the entrance doors.  One of the largest arches finished ~ 75 feet long! Our wonderful staff! 

Going back in time!

I just had to share. In honor of Quaker Bridge Mall's remodel they just posted a photo of their old sign. How fun is this that on that day ~ October 19th, 1996, we were not only there to see that Giant Cookie in Center Court but to also build a 70' foot balloon arch over it. I know it might not look big in this picture but it took almost 500 helium filled balloons to create and had so much "pull" from all that helium that it dragged me across the floor while creating it! It's still the largest spiral balloon arch that Kevin and I have even created together.  Not only was it great wonderful to see every one's expressions as they saw this cookie and our arch, it was also our wedding anniversary. The couple that create arches together, stays together! 

Marking Milestones with Balloons

It's always fun to open up the paper and see our balloon or flower handy work. In this case a local Princeton business was celebrating their first anniversary with a ribbon cutting and festive balloons. What about this arch that we created for the Trenton Thunder Baseball Team when they wanted to celebrate making it into the playoffs? Flying over 70 feet long, 20 feet above the heads of arriving fans, it sure showed that it was time to celebrate! Spring is one of our busiest times of year for balloon designs such as this arch we created for Mercer County Community Colleges graduation last year. What better way to celebrate a milestone than with balloons! They are big and showy and sometimes it's just what you need to celebrate! To see these and many other of our balloon designs check out our website at or

Just a Few Balloon Arches to Celebrate the Season!

It's definitely balloon season!! How cool is this big balloon arch that Kevin created this morning for First Choice Bank. The perfect way to kick off a grand opening! Not many retail florists in our area can get this arch set up and ready to go by 7:45 am! We love flowers but we love balloons too! How did this client find out about our services? Apparently the American Heart Association referred us. We love referrals and our business depends on them. Just this past weekend we created 2 spiral arches (just like this one) and 3 column arches for the Heart Walk over at Mercer County Park. That set up took a team of 4 working from 5 AM to about 8 AM to finish before the walkers showed up! People often ask if we do balloons - um, hello -Monday Morning Flower and Balloon Co. Balloons are in our company name and in our blood! On Saturday AM we once again created two large spiral arches in Palmer Square for Princeton Boro's JazzFeast. I love the lime green and black combo on this one

A Day at the Ballpark!

Congratulations to the Trenton Thunder Ball Team who hosted the All-Star Games yesterday! Our very capable balloon team of David and Kevin created this huge balloon arch to welcome patrons to the ballpark! Over 100 feet in length, it officially the largest balloon arch we have ever created! Great job boys!! To learn more about the Trenton Thunder Ball Team visit their website at

Balloon Decorating Website - It's Finally Live

Have you ever noticed how sometimes it's hard to think of a business in more than one way? For example: maybe you always think of McDonald's as the place to get great burgers or even fries but we forget they make wonderful salads and really good coffee. Now, this is not an advertisement for McDonald's, even though I'm a huge fan, even own stock! No, it's just that even for my business, it's hard to get my customers to think of us as more than a florist. Even though the word Balloon is in our name, sometimes people don't realize that we do all kinds of balloon event decor such as balloon columns, arches, centerpieces. As a matter of fact, I did balloon decorating quite a few years before I started doing flowers for weddings. We blow up over 40,000 balloons every single year! Now that's a lot of balloons. Anyway, the point of the blog is that we are more than a florist, we are event decorators and I want to scream it from the highest mountain (well, mayb