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Stock It Is!

I know I have blogged about this amazing flower in the past but after creating a wedding last week (see video in previous blog) using just this single, amazing flower, I felt inspired to talk about it again. If you've never seen "Stock" in person, it's a staple for most florists. Because of it's strong line form it's a wonderful to add length and height to a design. Looking for a lovely flower that grows in shades of pink, fucsha, purple and even burgundy? You have them all in stock. We especially love using the white and rich cream colored stock in our wedding designs. Sometimes misunderstood because of it's ruffly florets, it's important to remember that the buds open from the bottom of the stem upward. As the buds at the tippy top open, the buds at the bottom may turn brown and even fall off. Like other flowers such as lilies, this is the normal blooming progression of this flower from bottom to top and does not mean the flower is bad or old. As t

Halo for Communion

Ah, you have to love all the fun things that happen during springtime. Dance Recitals, Communions, Graduations, Proms and then Showers and Weddings bring way to BBQ's and Backyard Picnics. What better way to celebrate all these magical times but to include flowers. Take this little cutie for instance. Her mom shared this photo (past bride Lexi) with us after her daughter was the only one in Church with a sweet halo of babies breath and sweetheart roses. Even my 9 year old nephew sported a white rose boutonniere yesterday when he performed in his music recital. He said the girls loved it and it made him feel special. The next time you are about to celebrate something special - we hope you include flowers in the day!!