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A Few MMF Mother's Day Stats

Ever wonder what it's like to work in a flower shop during Mother's Day Week? You might be surprised to know that this holiday is larger than any other floral holiday, including Valentine's Day. At our shop it becomes a fun filled (yes, we do have fun), mad dash of assisting customers with their floral buying decisions, flower processing, floral designing and then the last ~ delivery.   Here are a few fun things you might not know about the holiday:  Our staff blossoms from 20 to almost 30 during the week of Mother's Day It takes 14 drivers to get all the deliveries done We rent at least 6 additional vans/trucks for the holiday Over 800 deliveries will be made in a few short days Our average amount our customers spend on this holiday is $77 and the customer that has spent the most on his Mother this year has purchased a $350 floral design We will sell over 3,000 roses and 2,000 carnations during Mother's Day Next to roses, the next most popular flowe

Mother's Day is May 12th

And we have some great floral gift ideas!

Before and After Mothers Day

How fun is this photo of the before and after of mother's day? We had a great holiday with over 730 floral arrangements , plants, goodie baskets and balloon bouquets being delivered in a 3 days span. Our staff of designers, drivers and sales associates all worked hard to bring smiles to Mothers all over our area and we could not be more proud of them. To see this and other pictures of our shop during the holiday visit our Facebook page at or our website at ww

Springtime Gifting

Every year we seem to sell more and more gifts and this spring is no exception. I had so much fun choosing some items to bring in for Easter, Mother's Day and Summer and I have to say, my favorite is this line of Zebra Print Gift Items. Stuffed animals, coffee mugs and even the cool tote bag all make great gifts for Mom or anyone having a birthday this summer. To see this and more of our new gifts check out our facebook page at

Missing Mom, Missing Tina

Why, you might ask, would a florist who has worked 90 hours this week, be taking the time to write a blog? Surely, I deserve a rest! I must confess, that a glass of wine and a warm bubble bath sounds wonderful right about now. The truth is that Mother's Day is an emotional day for me. With no time to really process my feelings and being responsible for helping to make other peoples mother's happy, my thoughts constantly turn towards my own mother. I've noticed over the years that Mother's Day is a very emotional holiday. It's amazing the look on a woman's face when you hand her those flowers! It's what inspires me most in this business. But with all the good and honorable feelings, sometimes negative and discouraging feelings arise. I remember about 6 years ago a woman called me late on Sunday afternoon and wanted me to know that she was most displeased with the flowers she had received from her daughter. I was, of course, very upset and offered to redeli