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What is the Best Way To Spend $1,000?

"I'm on a budget of about $1,000 for my wedding flowers. What's the best way to spend my money"?  Sound familiar? I get asked that question all the time and so I was inspired to write this blog.  I know it seems like a lot of money but if you need a bridal bouquet, 4 brides maids, flower girl, boutonnieres and corsages, altar decor and even centerpieces... wow, it can be a hard one to maneuver! My advise in this budget range would be to concentrate mostly on the personal flowers such as the bouquets, etc. Keep the flowers to one or two colors so that you can keep the bouquets smaller and more chic. Also, be sure to keep to seasonal flowers. No, peony are not in season in October - come on, I know you were thinking they were!! I'm going to hang a sign in our consultation room that says "spring flowers are mostly in season during the spring"!  It's ok to want pink flowers in November but with a little research you'll find that roses, lilies, carn

Yellow and Blue

How striking is this photo of Andrea's brides maid? Yellow has been such a hot color all summer long and toss in at gorgeous shocking blue and you really get - wow!! A small but elegant hand tied bouqueet of yellow mini gerbers, roses, freesia and crespedia were the perfect contrast the the brides maid dresses. Thanks to bride AJ and photographer Lewis Kassel for sharing this fantastic photo with us! To see more photos from this and other weddings visit our wedding website at

Local Zinnia's at Our Shop!

Last Friday night we had the opportunity to drive over to the Mercer County Farmers Coop and what fun we had, so much in fact, we're going back tomorrow night. We were able to purchase fresh, local grown product such as these zinnias, sunflowers, cockscomb and even small pumpkins and Indian corn. We even purchased a case of fresh New Jersey peaches for our fruit and gourmet baskets! What made the night even more special was getting to meet the actual farmers who grew the products that we were purchasing. What nice people and are clearly devoted to their farms.It felt good to really put my money where my mouth is with regards to "buying local". Keep check back to see what comes into the shop all through the fall as I am told the mum plants are next!! Remember, shop local and support your local community. To see more of our local products become our fan at !!

What Does in Lieu of Flowers Mean?

We see it all the time in the obituaries in the paper and online - "In Lieu of Flowers" send money to this organization or charity but what is it really saying? Customers ask all the time if that means they are not allowed to send flowers and the answer is a big NO. That sentence does not mean that the family does not want flowers for the service and that the funeral director will not accept them, it means that if you wanted to honor the person by making a donation, this is the organization the family would like you to donate too. Can you imagine walking in to a funeral service and not seeing flowers? How sad indeed. Flowers help to express your feeling in a visual, loving way and families have expressed that flowers are measurable representation of how well loved their family member was. So the next time you need to express your sympathy, remember that flowers are still very much appreciated and I personally believe that nothing will ever change that!

Yellow button mum kissing balls

How cute are these kissing balls made of yellow buttons? Made for last weeks bride, Andrea, they hung on the ends of the pews at St. James Church. Andrea's mom said they collected them after the ceremony and brought them to reception to add a little accent of color here and there. "The guests not only took all the flower arrangements at the end of the night, they even took the pomanders", said mother of the bride Pat when she came in today to hand deliver a thank you note. The perfect compliment because the guests loved them enough to take them home. To view more of our wedding designs visit our wedding website at

Late Summer in the Shop - August 17th, 2010

Late summer is always a nice time in the flower shop because of the local product that arrives each day such as these huge yellow centered sunflowers. Some measuring 7" across, what fun it is to bring a couple home to brighten up the house. Another flower that screams late summer are iris. Available year round from various farms, they are especially plentiful at this time of the year and the color is just so vibrant! Did you know that these very cool brown sunflowers grow this way? Nope, they are not dyed and they came from a local New Jersey Farm too! Look at these very cool gloriosa lilies that just arrived from Holland. Very spidery and vibrant, these little short stemmed version of this viney flower is perfect in summer basket arrangements and centerpieces. How about these tropical bird of paradise? Tropical floral displays are very popular during the summer months. Must be the heat!! Well, that's a view in the shop today!!

The Healing Power of Flowers

This morning I was looking for inspiration for something to post on my Facebook Fan Page and I came across this really cool website. It's called Living Arts Originials and it's all artwork. The part that I found interesting talked about artwork used in hospitals and doctors offices. Read below for some interesting stuff and thanks to Kathleen Karlsen for the inspiration!! Can using flowers in the decor in a room help relieve stress? A 1996 study conducted by Virginia Lohr and others showed that rooms and offices decorated with plants and flowers helped reduce stress as measured by decreased blood pressure and pulse rates. Researchers have further determined that there is a direct link between flowers and life satisfaction. A study done at Rutgers demonstrated that flowers decrease anxiety, depression and agitation. Flowers also lead to a higher sense of enjoyment and increased contact with family and friends. Flowers make a home more welcoming and create a sharing atmosphere

A Real Wedding

We had great fun creating the wedding flowers for Kate and Chris. Colorful rose and gerbers - our favorites! Love this shot by Jeff Tisman photography which shows the natural beauty, up close and personal, of our flowers! We really loved the pop of the oranges and yellows against these deep pink dresses! How cute are these flower girls. I love the dresses and the tiny babies breath halos were the perfect touch, don't you think? Kate carried a big bouquet of all pink roses in three different shades. Simple but elegant. So sweet - love the sky in this photo. Makes me want to get married all over again, just so Jeff Tisman can take my wedding photos!! :o) Clear glass cube vases filled with hot pink, orange, green and yellow flowers really popped and made a summery statement! Simple touches of colorful flowers makes such a difference on this gorgeous cake! Our designer Holly did such a great job! I think you'll agree that Kate and Chris's wedding just screamed summer! To see th

Smiles All Around

What's a party without balloons? I especially love these smiley face mylars because they are not only happy but they are colorful. Balloon centerpieces are a great way to make festive any boring banquet room or outdoor tent. These balloons were for a big birthday party and both the adults and kids loved them! Not only are the very showy and fun but they are affordable. Switch the colors from fun to elegant and the look changes completely for events such as a 50th anniversary or a more formal gala. To see more examples of our balloon decor check out specialty website at .

Signs in a flower shop that you are busy...

Floral Designers have one thing in common and it's universally known: You know your shop is busy if you grow a few inches by the end of the day!! Designers arrange quickly and do not always hit the garbage can until sometime during the day when I make them clean up at their feet! Stems, leaves and other discards go right onto the floor and the bigger the pile the more productive you've been. This photo was taken at Designer Rocio's feet after she made 18 floral centerpieces this past weekend for bride and groom Alison and Drew. Roses, statice, gerbers and hydrangea stems all mingle into one big pile. Ah, perhaps composting is next? Have you seen those movies about Flower Shop workers that have hit the movie theaters lately? The ones that show Jennifer Aniston with clean hands and little sandals on her feet? Well, in  case you were wondering if that is what it is like to design in a flower shop - the answer is no and here's your  proof!!

Baskets Have Made a Come Back

I love arrangements made in pretty glass vases but I have to say that baskets appear to be making a come back recently. Just like this colorful mixture of flowers, the summer is a wonderful time to send flowers in a pretty wicker or natural grapevine basket. Perfect for a desk, kitchen island or even bedside, flowers in a basket make such a cute gift and would be much appreciated for just about any occasion.

Celebrate Farmer's Market Week!

Did you even know there was such a thing? I didn't but I know now that August 1st - August 7th is Farmer's Market week. How fun is that? What a wonderful reminder that during the summer months to take advantage of all the fresh fruits, veggies and even flowers being sold at local stands! My husband and I especially love the Trenton Farmers Market. What fun it is buying a bit of this and that and seeing face to face the farmers that grew these amazing crops. I know I look a bit strange arriving with my huge camera in tow but hey, it's worth it when I get great shots, like this one. Support your local community by buying local to where you live. Your local farmers and businesses will thank you for it!!

What do lobby flowers and our name have in common?

What do lobby flowers and our company name have in common? Quite a bit actually. People often ask where the name Monday Morning Flowers came from and actually when I started the company - all those years ago - I specialized in provided lobby florals for smaller corporate and doctors offices and so the name Monday Morning Flowers. These early Monday deliveries are still a big part of our business and are very affordable. Starting at just $30.00 per week,  we give you both a loaner container and complimentary delivery. Fresh flowers are a sign of success for any business so why not consider starting your weekly flower delivery today!!

Me Relaxing? Yes and here is proof

Sorry, could not resist. Yesterday, after the staff and I successfully delivered and set up 5 weddings, I - Georgianne Vinicombe, went home, ate dinner and actually relaxed on my deck. My husband snuck this picture and no, I'm not down loading photos, updating a website or anything work related. I was actually playing solitaire on my new Droid phone. So to answer the burning question that I'm often asked "Do you ever relax?". Here is the proof, yes I do!! :o)