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April Scent of the Season

Scent of the Season  It’s finally springtime! This Lilac scented candle is sure to bring Spring into your home with the sweetest fragrance. Stop in to our Princeton or Yardley location to pick up your own Springtime Lilac scented candle.

March Scent of the Season

We absolutely love these new Honeycomb Candles. They are very unique, have a hint of sweetness and an underlying fragrance of wildflowers. It’s perfect for the change of season (…finally!). Did you know we sell local honey ? Yup; Straight from a Lawrenceville Farm ! Buy our Honeycomb candle and receive 50% off a bottle of local honey! We have a couple different sizes for you pick out whichever suites you. This combo is also perfect for a gift when paired with our gourmet tea. Stop in to our Princeton Forrestal Village location between the Westin and CanDo Fitness, or our Yardley shop between the Continental Tavern and the Yardley Inn to pick up the fresh, new scent of the season!

February Scent of the Season

Who says our “Scent of the Season” has to just be candles?  We are going to switch it up on ya!  This time we bring to you our Votivo- LockYour Love collection .  These items derive from centuries-old tradition shared by couples around the world.  Rooted in the idea that your love will last forever on the eternal chain, Lock Your Love has found couples all over the world attaching padlocks to bridges & tossing keys into the rivers.  These 3 fragrances incorporate lots of fun and unique mixtures.  Each consists a Candle, a Reed Diffuser and Perfume, artfully wrapped and makes an amazing gift.   Stop in and see what all the fuss is about.  Hard To Get - citrus, lychee, watermelon, lotus, magnolia, freesia, iris, sandalwood, creme brulee Hold Me Tight - herbal tea, warm linen, sandalwood Hot To Handle - bergamot, cypress, violet, black pepper, frankincense, leather, tobacco, patchouli & cedar Buy one piece, one entire line or mix and match and receive

Scent of the Season, Jan 2014

We have decided on our next “Scent of the Season!”  How does Red Delicious Apple sound?  Sounds good to us too.  Buying one will give you the opportunity to receive 25% off ANY one plant item in our stores . After you pack away all your holiday décor your living spaces might seem a bit bare.  Plants are one of the best ways to dress up a space, not to mention all the health benefits of having a few indoor plants - especially when all your windows are closed for the winter. Supplies are limited, so stop on in to either of our Princeton or Yardley  locations and pick up a Red Delicious Apple candle and a new plant for your home, office or for a friend!