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Most Popular Bouquet

Laura's bouquet , originally uploaded by Georgianne at Monday Morning Flowers . People often ask me if there is any one particular bridal bouquet that seems to be a favorite among our brides and the answer is yes - and this is it. A very simple but classic hand tied bouquet of ivory roses, white mini callas, accented with berries and a collar of fresh greens. Each year we do about 100 weddings and we make this exact bouquet no less than 5 or 6 times. Sometimes the ivory roses get replaced with white or even pale pink or peach but the general look and feel remains the same. So there you have, the closest thing we have to a signature bridal bouquet!! To see more of our wedding designs, visit our wedding website at

Real Life and Flowers

Ok, there it is... Fill a vase with fresh flowers is number 21 on a list of 25 bright ideas to recharge your mood, routine and rooms and highlighted in Real Simple Magazine. A Harvard study showed that people who looked at fresh flowers in the morning reported higher energy levels for the rest of the day! That's powerful stuff and so easy to do. Perhaps you'll consider going to your local florist for a fresh bunch of flowers this weekend? What about bringing some into the office next week? Living with flowers - it's a good thing!!

Our Trip To Holland

How cute is this picture? Taken almost 8 years ago when my husband and I went on a fantastic trip to the farms of Holland.Thanks to our wholesaler who offered the trip, we had an amazing time. This greenhouse was one of my favorites because I've always loved dutch Gerber Daisies. Almost the size of salad plates, this farm had Gerber's in just about every color your could imagine. I think sometimes we forget about the farmer and his crew that guide the flowers from seedlings to gorgeous blooms!

Phalaenopsis Orchids

This past weekend we created these lovely Phalaenopsis orchid centerpieces for our bride Carolyn. This morning she sent a thank you note and expressed that she was so happy with all her flowers and especially these arrangements. Well, who could blame her. Phalaenopsis orchids have to be one of the most beautiful cut orchids that a florist can design with. Most often we sell them as plants but for special occasions and certain design work, we order cut orchid sprays. Longer lasting and more sturdy than you might think, these cascading orchids are perfect for these "umbrella" style centerpieces. Not inexpensiveby any means, but so worth the money and effort. These lovely blooms might not fit everyone's budget but as a florist, I'm so happy when a client comes along who can both afford and appreciate these amazing flowers! To see these and more of our wedding designs check out our wedding website at

What's Your Floral Style?

Tin Pails , originally uploaded by Georgianne at Monday Morning Flowers . One of the things I love so much about flowers is how many ways you can take th exact same blooms but make them look completely different depending on how you arrange them. Spikey, loose and airy and you have a wild flower look. Tight, compact and round and you have a more formal English Garden feel. What fun and add in so many different flowers and colors to choose from - well, it's mind boggling. Sending someone a gift of flowers for a special occasion but don't know their personal flower style? I always suggest to my customers to take clues from their homes or even how they dress. Do they dress in bright colors? A mixed arrangement in many different colors is likely a good choice. Is their home decor more minimal or contemporary? Perhaps send a monofloral (all one flower) display such as all stock, tulips, gerbers or lisianthus that is arranged in a clear glass cube or cylinder vase. Do they wear je

The Village Water Fountain The Village Water Fountain , originally uploaded by Georgianne at Monday Morning Flowers . What is it about a water fountain that makes people happy? This fountain is just up the block from my Princeton shop and I personally have been enjoying it even before I moved my business into Forrestal Village. On a sunny day there are tons of children dipping their feet and laughing. Even my new niece Mary Ann was introduced to this particular fountain recently and was absolutely mesmerized by the water. Making it even more special is how her parents posed at this fountain for their wedding portrait 17 years ago! On this particular day, I snapped a quick photo. I was on my way to take some pictures of an event we had just decorated at the Westin Hotel. How cool is that and how lucky am I to have this wonderful mood lifter so close to me? :o)

Nicole and Bryan's Wedding at the Cranbury Inn

Nicole's Wedding Cranbury Inn , originally uploaded by Georgianne at Monday Morning Flowers . Purple it is! It was so much fun working on Nicole and Bryan's wedding at the Cranbury Inn. The iris was a large part of the wedding decor, as it the Tennessee State Flowers, where Bryan grew up. What I loved about this wedding was that we took the color theme through all the elements of the wedding from the bouquets and ceremony all the way to the centerpieces. We highlighted the elegant iris to their full potential by showcasing them instead of burying them away. Adding accents of yellow in the centerpieces helped to bring out the center of the iris and giving depth by using both light and dark colored iris, also made sure that no one forgot how important iris's are to this couple! Enjoy the video and let me know if you like it!

In the Hands of an Artist

All white , originally uploaded by Georgianne at Monday Morning Flowers . Well, if you see the blog below you'll see designer Samantha just beginning to create this bouquet and so I thought you'd enjoy seeing the finished product. I have to say, this is probably one of my favorites this year but hey, I say that a lot! What I like about this bouquet is that it's so simple but then it has interesting elements and quite a bit of bling added for bride Holly at her request. Simple white roses and mini callas accented with geranium foliage. Add the rhinestone accents and this bouquet really transforms from ordinary to something quite special.

Why You Should Hire a Talented Florist...

Samantha , originally uploaded by Georgianne at Monday Morning Flowers . Have you ever tried to spin a clay pot? Remember art class where you sat there just trying to get that clay to turn into something of beauty? If you are like me, the clay fought me every step of the way and never was much to look at! I'm the same way with paint. I marvel at how someone can take that little colorful liquid and turn it into an amazing landscape or portrait. Well, the same holds true for flowers in the hands of truly gifted artist. Believe me, I've seen designers come and go through my shop doors who think they have talent but are unable to really craft the flowers the way they should. Even with talent someone needs lots of practice and design instruction to really create beautiful floral displays and bouquets. Don't forget, flowers are not only delicate but they are perishable. Working with flowers means that they must be kept cool and can't be done too far in advance. Transportat

The Best of Weddings

The knot , originally uploaded by Georgianne at Monday Morning Flowers . Well, our plaque just arrived and I have to say I'm tickled pink. It's so nice to know that our brides love us!