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It's a nice day for a wedding?

"What are the wedding trends for 2010"? As I sit at my desk typing up Wedding and Mitzvah proposals for events I recently booked, I'm noticing that people are really starting to include Friday Nights and Sundays in the party mix. Not sure if this is trend to save money or because those dates are available but I think this year we are doing almost as many weddings on Sundays and Fridays as Saturdays. For your viewing pleasure I've included pictures from Trisha's wedding this past Sunday at the Crystal Plaza up in Livingston! Looking into 2010 I already have two weddings booked for January and both are on Sundays. Hm, I find this curious but I love it. At one time I would be lucky to do 1 wedding in January and I predict that we'll do as many as 6 to 10 for January, 2010. Having them spread out over the course of three days is much easier on us. This past weekend, for example, we had 1 wedding on Friday, 1 on Saturday and then a fairly large one on Sunday. M

Same Sex Weddings...

Over the last two years we've been doing more flowers for same sex marriages. I have to say that I enjoy doing these weddings, not just because it's another source of revenue for the shop (and it certainly is) but I find working with these couples rewarding. Last night, I had a consultation with a lovely family (bride, sister and mom) and we were talking about the family dynamics that can sometimes rear their ugly heads during flower meetings. I'm sure that most people that either haven't planned a wedding for many years or have never planned one, must think that meetings with the florist must be tranquil and stress free. Unfortunately, I've seen things during consultations that could make your hair curl! I've seen grooms being mean to brides, brides being condescending to their groom. Parents being mean to their children, children acting downright rude to their parents and the list goes on. Sometimes I feel like I'm not just a florist but a therapist too!!