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Same Sex Weddings...

Over the last two years we've been doing more flowers for same sex marriages. I have to say that I enjoy doing these weddings, not just because it's another source of revenue for the shop (and it certainly is) but I find working with these couples rewarding.

Last night, I had a consultation with a lovely family (bride, sister and mom) and we were talking about the family dynamics that can sometimes rear their ugly heads during flower meetings. I'm sure that most people that either haven't planned a wedding for many years or have never planned one, must think that meetings with the florist must be tranquil and stress free. Unfortunately, I've seen things during consultations that could make your hair curl! I've seen grooms being mean to brides, brides being condescending to their groom. Parents being mean to their children, children acting downright rude to their parents and the list goes on. Sometimes I feel like I'm not just a florist but a therapist too!! You might laugh, but you'd be surprised how often I have to get people to see eye to eye and work together.

So now getting back to why I love commitment ceremonies. I've noticed that these couples truly operate like a team. They are very thoughtful about what they want and have discussed their priorities long before they meet with me. They may want it to be formal and elegant but they want the day to represent them, their personalities and their life together.

Being a married woman myself (over 22 years to the same great guy) I know how important it is to operate like a team. I've noticed with relationships that eventually fail, they tend to be more like power struggles than partnerships. Working towards a common goal and each doing what needs to be done, while considering the feelings of the other is key to any great relationship.

An employee not doing the job for the good of the company will either cause the company harm or will be released from their employment. A sports team can't survive without all team members working towards the same goal - which is to win! Marriage is the same way. Both parties must be on the same page in order to survive. I know it's generalizing but I've had so many wonderful experiences with same sex marriages, that I sometimes wonder if they are in on the secret that many other miss.

I guess the point of this blog is that I truly enjoy working with people who love flowers and enjoy the wedding process. Two people who truly love and respect one another, no matter what their sex, inspire and rejuvenates me. With more and more same sex marriages taking place, I'm truly honored to be their trusted florist. It's with great joy that I give them a safe place to plan their special day. It truly is good for the business and good for the soul.
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