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Viewpoint By Kevin Vinicombe - Floral Management Magazine

We are excited to share with you an article by Kevin Vinicombe, co-owner of Monday Morning Flowers .  Kevin was asked by Floral Management Magazine – a monthly publication of Society of American Florists – to be featured as the “Viewpoint” in the December 2013 issue. Viewpoint by Kevin Vinicombe A LOADED QUESTION “What do I do for a living?”  I hear this question at meetings, net-working events and parties.  Being a proud entrepreneur, I raise my head high and say, “I’m a florist!  My wife and I own Monday Morning Flower and Balloon Company in Princeton, N.J.”.  If I’m feeling poetic, maybe I’ll add that I help people express their deepest feelings, or provide top-notch customer service, sometimes during life’s most emotionally charged moments, or that I help bring beauty into the everyday world.  People are generally curious when I tell them about my work.  Nevertheless, I wonder: Am I under-selling myself when I only say, “I’m a florist”? 1.        Manufacturing.  W