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Silk Vs. Fresh Flowers

Here at the shop, we rarely do silk flowers for wedding ; not because we don't want to but it's just not what we are known for but every now and then using quality silks really make sense.  While looking through some older wedding photos, I came across this photo of a wedding bouquet we created requiring Lily of the Valley. In the case of this wedding, the flower type meant a lot to the bride and the flowers were both very expensive and out of season in to the rescue ~ good quality silks.  We have been known to include silk blooms in with fresh ones and believe it or not, this can work very well when the real thing is just not going to work. An example would be a bride who wants Cherry Blossoms out of season. There are so really lovely permanent flowering branches that when added among fresh flowers, really look real. Trusting your florist to make good suggestions and being open minded is always a great idea.