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Cascades are Back

I know I've said it a few times over the last few years but this year I really think it's true. Take today's bridal bouquet for Daniella for example. Stunning orchids, lisanthus, roses and lilies combine together to create an elegant bouquet of white, blue and purple. Daniella's bouquet is the 5th one we have created in the last 2 months while we may have created only 5 for all of last year. Truly a trend? I think it just might be.  One of the observations I've had over the last 2 months while meeting with current and future bride's is that although they want a natural look, they are looking for a bit more formality.  Even though this bouquet is a hand tied, the bride wanted a "slight cascade" of eucalyptus. Isn't it pretty?   I know I've been blogging a lot about weddings , but with wedding season upon us and bride's meeting with us for next year, I can't help but share my observations. What do you think about Cascading Brid


KISS - Keep It Simple Sweetie (Ok, so I changed that word) and this really tells that story. A brides maids bouquet made for yesterdays small wedding, this bouquet is made of Ocean Song Lavender roses and purple waxflowers accented with a tiny collar of fresh galax leaves. Posted onto my Monday Flowers Facebook page, with in a matter of hours we had over 45 "likes" by florists and non-florists alike. Sometimes you just have to keep the flower selection simple. To see this and other wedding designs feel free to visit our website at or