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Treat Yourself, It's OK - No Really, It's OK.

Have you ever had a bad day and just wanted to buy something that makes you feel better? Sometimes it's treating yourself to something as simple as an ice cream cone or even buying a little plant to put on your desk. I've noticed over the last few weeks at the flower shop that many people are coming in for a "little something" that brighten their day. Yes, we still get the usual customer coming in for a quick housewarming bouquet of little plant to take to a friend who's feeling blue but it's always fun to help a customer who is treating themselves to something. I guess with the economy the way it is we may need a little pick me up but need to keep the $'s in check. What's easier than picking up a fresh bunch of tulips or even daisies or a tiny violet plant for the window sill. It's amazing how a $10 bouquet of fresh flowers can lift your spirits. Just remember that you deserve pretty things in your life, even if it's not your birthday!