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What's on Instagram

Are you following us yet on Instagram as  @mondayflowers ? If not we invite you to check us out. Our instagram feed a great place to see what's going on in the store and see what's new, like this new handbag that just arrived. It's Prom season so our Instagram feed is full of our current Prom offerings, like this corsage! Prom Season 2015 has been all about the color and bling!!  Have you heard about our FreshTen on Mondays and $5 Friday Flowers? Each week we have a flower deal on both Monday's and Fridays and following our Instagram feed is a good way to see our weekly specials!  We hope to see you on Instagram real soon!! 

What's in the cooler on a snowy day?

It might be very white outside but the colors in our Princeton store are anything but white! Did you know that we now organize our Retail Display Cooler by color? This way when you come in you can see the flowers you love in the colors we have them in that day!  We've recently added some new floral designs to our website .  Be sure to check them out! 

Christmas Time on Instagram

Do you follow us on instagram? If not, we'd love for you to consider linking up. We share scenes from the shop and more!

Designer Norman

Ok, don't tell Designer Norman this (because his ego is big enough) but folks who view his online photos and videos just love him. One fan said "When I see his smile, I can't help but smile with him". So yes, I'm a sucker for Norman too because when I'm not wanting to choke him, he makes me laugh. If you have never seen one of his videos, you are in for a treat. All it takes is Shop Coordinator Sheryl prompting him and off he goes as you can see from the videos below. If you want a chuckle, they are worth a look!

East Coast Floral Expo and Conference 2012

Once again our schedule worked out to allow us to attend the Northeast Floral Conference and Expo last weekend. This year it was held in pretty Sturbridge, MA and the hotel there did a great job tending to all the crazy florists who blew in! As you can see, the expo volunteers did a great job leaving the floral mark every where you turned. the above arrangements we over 6 feet tall and really got us in the mood to meet, greet, learn and share with our floral peers.    The weekend was chock full of seminars, demonstration's, lectures and even a vendor fair. Below, J Schwanke AAF, AIFD PFCI instructs our design class in new and fun techniques for wearable flowers. J is always inspirational and entertaining! To see more of J's wonderful ideas check out Below Delaware Valley Wholesales very own Laurie Lemek AIFD also showed us new ideas for prom and wedding floral designs. No conference would be complete without a cocktail and dinner party and this o

Mobile Uploads

Anyone that knows me knows that I just love Social Media. I'm a social person at heart but generally speaking my "career" really keeps me from getting out much. I meet brides and spend tons of time with my employees as well as husband (as he works here too) but that can be the extent of my days, weeks and months. And so, my social media has been a way for me to stay in touch with friends, family, past brides, customers and other florists. I love posting photos. Pics of the shops, the staff, our wedding flowers but I also have a fascination with taking photos of food. It always cracks me up to think that I might post a picture of an exquisite bridal bouquet and get a thumbs up or 2 and maybe a comment here or there but when I post photos of what I have made for Kevin and I for dinner, it's shocking what happens! The photo above left was Cod Loin from just this past Saturday and I guess it looked so good to some that they asked for my recipe. The photo above right, is

I'm Ready for My Close-Up!

As you may know by now, I've recently purchased a new camera. Oh my poor staff. I hunt them down and photograph them all day long! One of the things I'm really enjoying about my new toy is the ability to get really great detail shots. I know that I'm a florist, yes, true but I am also a lover of anything beautiful and flowers are beautiful. Those of us that get to work with them day in and day out are extremely lucky. As floral designers we get to touch them, smell them, look at them up close and how awesome is that? Yes, flowers eventually die but so do all living things. What an amazing gift to enjoy them when they are here. Yes, wedding flowers are for the day but they will be forever immortalized in both photos and memories. Yes, your house may be nicely decorated but isn't it wonderful to have lovely, colorful flowers as accents here and there. Bring living "things" into the home transform the air and the mood. Yes, I may be a florist, and yes I'm

Want the Inside Skinny at the Shops?

You may laugh but with over 20 employees coming and going between our two shops, that are open 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, it's hard to catch all our employees at the same time! Over the years I've become accustom to sending out my Red Alert News Bulletin's keeping the employees posted on the happenings at the company. While writing this one, I thought it might make a fun blog for those of you that would love the inside skinny of what's new and exciting at the two Monday Morning Flower shops! Read on to see what the employees see! :o) Red Alert!! Monday Morning News Bulletin! From, the Big Cheese, Georgianne Well, I thought it might be time to write a bulletin as the last 6 months have been very eventful, with both devastating news and rebirth. As some of you are new to the company and many are “old timers” I wanted to take this opportunity to let you all know how special and important each and every one of you is to Kevin and me both professionally but persona

Inside the Design Bench - Part 2!

Welcome back for Part 2 of "Inside the Design Bench" at Monday Morning Flowers. Part 1 explored all the work that goes into beginning to design wedding flowers. Our team works hard to make sure that everything is perfect for that special day. I know that sounds corny but it's true!! This part explores the actual delivery and set up of all the wedding flowers. By the time our set up team is back in the truck and heading for home base, 9 or 10 employees have helped to make it all happen! Now, back to bride Erin's wedding....Below is her bouquet. Depending on what our bride has chosen and if it's a unique looking bouquet, we try to get a quick picture before it leaves the shop. Future brides appreciate our ability to show them different styles and colors of bouquets we have created. Although the actual day of the wedding can be hectic, especially if we have more than one to set up that day, remembering to take a few pictures is top on our list of wedding details!