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A Note About Valentine's Day Flower Prices

Holiday Price Increases...  We answer your most asked questions Why have you chosen not to raise your prices this year? The last few years we only added $5 to the cost of our dozen roses to help offset the higher prices we pay. Because it barely makes any difference and we'd rather treat our customers well, we are choosing to leave our prices at our normal level. Do roses really cost you more during Valentine's Week?  Yes, the cost of red roses and other flowers nearly doubles during a holiday and demand for certain flowers, such as red roses goes up about 6 times normal volume.   Actually prices start to rise in mid January and don't come back down until late February.  This sounds like really good news for your customers? It really is but we are encouraging our customers to order extra early this year. We have chosen to only handle a comfortable amount of deliveries and we will sell out earlier than usual. It will be more important than ever that ou