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Trail Mixes and Dried Fruits

As I look for inspiration to write a blog, it suddenly came to me!! I wanted to talk about our gourmet and snack line here at the shop and how we know, for a fact, that everything we sell is yummy. I guess you are wondering how we know that? We taste it , of course!! As I write this, I have a huge handfull of this yummy dried fruit mix right next to my keyboard. I'm particular about the food items that we sell and knowing that everything is fresh and tastes good is very important. One of the biggest compliments we get at the shop is when someone who received a basket of goodies from us goes out of their way to come in to buy more of what they ate! Food baskets make great gifts and we make them custom for you. Let us know what the person might like and let us do the rest!! To see more of gourmet baskets feel free to check out our website at