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All of Your Prom Corsage and Boutonniere Questions- Answered!

All of Your Prom Corsage and Boutonniere Questions- Answered! What is a prom corsage? A prom corsage is a small floral arrangement to be worn on a female’s wrist or collar. The prom corsage is typically purchased and given to her by her prom date. The wrist corsage is the most common kind, and is typically chosen to match the prom dress. What is a boutonniere? A boutonniere is a floral design worn by a male on the lapel of a suit or tux. The boutonniere is typically bought for him by his prom date and is chosen to match the prom corsage. What wrist is the corsage worn on? Proper etiquette calls for the corsage to be worn on the left wrist, unless the person wearing it is left-handed. If left-handed, the corsage can be worn on the right wrist. Do the corsage and boutonniere have to match? It is not a rule that they match, however the couple will look more put together if they do. The boutonniere gives a touch of color to match the male to his prom date though

Funky Boutonniere

Don't you just love the texture of this boutonniere that we made for a wedding last summer? A single peacock feather, a white daisy and a single tiny craspedia ball, combine to make a very unique boutonniere for the groom. Peacock feathers are still quite popular in our wedding and party designs. This wedding took place at Grounds for Sculpture in Trenton, a place known for it's natural setting and herd of lovely peacocks! The bride carried white gerber daisies dotted with the yellow craspedia and was a perfect compliment to this funky peacock feather boutonniere! Have you seen our other famous Peacock feather bouquets? Check out our blog written about it here !

It's Just Another Day of Flowers

 I love giving sneak peeks into the shop and today has been an exciting one for sure. Lots and lots of colorful floral arrangements are leaving the shop. Many were ordered directly on our website... and the phones just have not stopped ringing.  Lots and lots of last minute parties have come in this week such as this Murder Mystery centerpieces going over the Windrows (which is an active over 55 residence) and the centerpieces below for the Trenton Thunder Ball Park for their game tonight!  I posted this photo on Facebook and got over 45 likes almost immediately. I'm thinking they will be a hit for all those who see them. I love the mixture of flowers that arrived today, such as the mini calla lilies below. The stems are almost 28" long and the color is just so vibrant! Imagine these twirled down in the water of big cylinder vase!  The peony that arrived today on our Dutch shipment has an amazing coral color. They are just beginning to pop

Will You Wear a Flower?

Oh No! In the past few weeks I have met with two brides that said that their fiances don't want to wear a flower to their own wedding! I'd be lying if I did not admit that part of me said "Oh thank goodness" because as any florist will tell you, boutonnieres and corsages are very time consuming to create because they are hand crafted. But that other part of my brain - the part that is a girl, says no flower on your wedding day? How could this be? I know that weddings have gotten a bit less traditional  and sometimes a bit more casual but to not wear a flowers on that special day. As in the picture in this blog, I  thought groom David looked smashing in his mini calla boutonniere. If you are a bride getting married how do you feel about this trend? If your groom said no flower for him, would you be upset or are you fine with it? If the groom and groomsmen are not going to  wear a flower, do you want your dad to also not wear one? I'd love to hear your thought

Flowers for Men

Brides sometimes ask if the men in the wedding party have to wear flowers and I tell them, not if they don't want to. Personally I think there are few times in life to get dressed up and wear a flower so why not have fun with it. A rose boutonniere is always classic but why not do something a bit funky or fun. This handsome groomsmen (yes, he is handsome, even though I have cut off his face for this blog, sorry James) wore this blue thistle on his lapel and I think it looked spashing! Created for the wedding of Tammy and Mike (our past employee) this past February, the blue thistle was used in most of the flower arrangements including the bouquets and centerpieces. I liked the use of thistle for the men because it helped to carry the natural, artsie feel of the flowers right through the whole wedding. Do the boys have to wear flowers? Not really but oh my, it can be fun!!

To Pin or Not To Pin, That is the Question

Brides sometimes ask me if the men in weddings have to wear a boutonniere. I usually tell them, of course not, but it is nice. Same goes for Proms. If the fellow does not want one, don't force it but isn't it nice during special occasions to wear a flower. Call me old fashioned but I still remember the flower I purchased for my Junior Prom date. A blue carnation. I know, I know but dyed flowers are making a come back!! Anyway, I know that sometimes putting on the boutonniere can be a bit of a lesson in coordination but it doesn't need to be difficult. Feel free to watch my Youtube video that show where and how to correctly place on a boutonniere. Monday Morning Flowers - YouTube