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Roses are Red

What a whirl wind in the shop this week! Who say's January is a slow time?

Roses - Check!

Food Baskets - Check!
Balloon Centerpieces - Check!
Beautiful Bouquet Pickups - Check!
Party Flower Centerpieces - Check!
Funeral Flowers - Check!
New Gift Arrivals - Check!

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Random Acts of Kindness

I had a thought while driving in the car this morning ~ I think sending flowers is almost a "Random Act of Kindness". When we make flower deliveries the person receiving the floral gift does not expect them. Sometimes it's their birthday, sometimes it's a get well but often they are not expected.
I guess by definition, it's not totally random as the sender knows the recipient but it really is unexpected and to me that makes it one of the most powerful gifts you can give. I think most of our Floral Stylists here at the shop think the flowers are the most important part of the gift and of course, a gorgeous, fresh arrangement never hurts - but the card sentiment really convey's the message, making the receiver feel loved and special.   Want to make someone's day? We say send them a bouquet of flowers and that will do the trick!! 

Valentine's Day - Oy Vey!

I know it's only January 10th but we are in full planning mode for the Valentine's Day holiday - 2017. What would you want your sweetie to send to you, we'd love to know!!  Looking for some helping deciding what to send to your special someone? We're here to help!