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Orchids Galore!

Don't you just love these orchid plants that just arrived today? They are almost 3 feet tall came in the most amazing colors. These lovely plants are locally grown down in in South Jersey in a brand new green house. How about sending one as a house warming present or to say congrats on the new job? To see more of our plant selection visit our website at

Want a cup of coffee?

I love exploring how flowers look in the home. Here at the shop we see flowers all day long but exactly how are they displayed once received by happy folks lucky enough to be send a floral gift? This cute arrangement made by designer Rocio was just perfect in my own kitchen. In case you can't tell, blue is my favorite color as you can see when you visit our shop website What I love about a floral gift like this one is that long after the flowers are gone, the coffee mug lives on to be used over and over. I'm envisioning a sweet little ivy plant or a cute "chicks and hen" succulent in there after the flowers are gone. Perhaps I'll just use it for a big cup of coffee! The next time you need to send a gift, we sincerely hope you'll consider a floral gift like this one! To see more of our floral gifts visit our website at

Pincushion Protea

Imagine these cool, tropical flowers added among more common blooms for your wedding. Are you daring enough to do it? I say yes, go for it! Imagine a bouquet of two toned orange and yellow roses such as "Circus" hand tied together with these textured beauties. Looking for something cool to float for a summery wedding, how about a cube with river stones and single Protea head? Tuck them into the reception napkins or even multiple of these tied off with raffia or streaming ribbons for the brides maids. Dot in yellow billy balls for added texture or even pair them with Mango Mini Callas for a modern, funky feel. Loops of lily grass for a structured modern look or curls of curly willow for a for a natural vibe. Love them or hate them, they can no longer be ignored!! To see some of our wedding designs visit our website at

Grover Cleveland Wreath

Did you know that Grover Cleveland is the only past President of the United States that is buried in New Jersey? Well, he is and every year the current President sends a floral wreath and a Military Honor Guard to his graveside for his birthday. Buried in Princeton Cemetary, we are honored to create and deliver this patriotic wreath for the ceremony every year. The wreath is made using very specific elements such as 20 red carnations, 20 white carnations and 20 blue iris along with huckleberry greens, a white wooden easel and all created on a straw wreath form. Happy Birthday President Cleveland! To see more of our sympathy and everyday floral designs, visit our website at

Happy Flowers in Washington DC

Happy Spring! Ok, I'm early because Spring is still a few days away but look at this amazing cherry blossom tree from our recent trip down to Washington, DC. Kevin and I went to attend the Society of American Florist Spring Volunteer meetings and with one whole day to explore, look what I found. High up on a tree, just outside the Air and Space Museum stood this one branch on this one tree and it was actually blooming! Wow, what a treat and I have to say it caused quite a stir with my floral friends who all wanted to know where I found this gorgeous blooming masterpiece! Soon after witnessing that amazing sight, we ventured into the Botanic Gardens right next door. Talk about going from one extreme to the other - from Air Craft and Space Modules to these amazing gardens. Don't you just love the blue of the water fountain with pink of the orchids and azaleas? Can't you just close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine the smell of this wonderful place? Smell-a-computer...

Philadelphia Flower Show 2011

Well, it's that time of year again when my ticket to judge at the Philadelphia Flower Show arrives. This year the theme was Springtime in Paris! What a perfect theme for a wonderful show! Well, the show was amazing. Due to the time it took to judge and the judging still going on, we were not able to see everything but it was fun to run quickly around and breath in all the spring flower scents! The grand entrance was fun with it's copy of the Eiffel Tower and these adorable bugs made from flower and plant material. What a greeting they were! Paris scenes and spring flowers were everywhere! Flowing planters of Spring blooms were everywhere! Daffodils being judged for their beauty! I don't envy the judges who have decide which one of these gorgeous plants is the best. They all looked amazing to me. Well, that it's it, a quick recap of the 40 minutes we had to see the show between judging. If you want to really feel like you have experienced Springtime in Paris, go check ou

Trail Mixes and Dried Fruits

As I look for inspiration to write a blog, it suddenly came to me!! I wanted to talk about our gourmet and snack line here at the shop and how we know, for a fact, that everything we sell is yummy. I guess you are wondering how we know that? We taste it , of course!! As I write this, I have a huge handfull of this yummy dried fruit mix right next to my keyboard. I'm particular about the food items that we sell and knowing that everything is fresh and tastes good is very important. One of the biggest compliments we get at the shop is when someone who received a basket of goodies from us goes out of their way to come in to buy more of what they ate! Food baskets make great gifts and we make them custom for you. Let us know what the person might like and let us do the rest!! To see more of gourmet baskets feel free to check out our website at

International Women's Day

Did you know that there was such a thing? Well there is and it's the day were thousands of events are held throughout the world to inspire women and celebrate achievements. A global web of rich and diverse local activity connects women from all around the world ranging from political rallies, business conferences, government activities and networking events through to local women's craft markets, theatrical performances, fashion parades and more! The International Women's day is an official holiday in the world, it is observed by men giving flowers and small gifts to the women. Celebrating it's 100th anniversary this year, International Women's Day is just one more way to celebrate the women in your life!

Tropical Blooms

Well, our shop is most definately not located in the tropics but look how fun it is to make an arrangement like this. Tropical bird of paradise, protea, anthirium, dendrobium orchids and other elements such as croton leaves, liatris and river cane combine to make a spectacular arrangement with a touch of the islands!

Cool Colored Carnations

I love carnations. Ok, I just said that out loud and I'm not embarrassed or ashamed. What does the world have against carnations anyway. Look at these cool green ones that are now available. At one time if you wanted green carnations for St. Patrick's day you had to dye them but that's not longer the case. These awesome carnations are called "Prado" and are naturally a soft, minty green. What a wonderful shade used alone or with other colors. This cute "Beer Mug" created by Designer Holly is the perfect floral gift for St. Patrick's Day, don't you think? Here we are using the same Carnations to make pretty corsages for a corporate event. A touch of wax flowers and soft ribbon make for a very sweet corsage. Here is another shade of carnation that has almost an antique feel to them. A soft pink, with green margins, these corsages are for the winners of the Tribute to Women in Industry event being held at the Hyatt - Princeton today. How cute is