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Fresh Flower Choices

Today I was skimming through my Floral Management magazine and low and behold I spot an article singing the praises of one of my favorite flowers. The article talked about the variety of colors these wonderful flowers come in from dark, almost black blue-purple to mango hues with gold tips. Solid lime green and a yellow/pink bi color, not to mention dark, magenta purples. Wow, these flowers amaze me. They smell like heaven, they last for weeks in fresh clean water and the colors! How many flower varieties do you know that come in that kind of palate? Well, they are truly heavenly. I guess you are wondering what flower I am speaking of.... I speak of the lowly, misunderstood carnation. That's right, the carnation . Haven't we all be guilty of saying "make me a nice arrangement, but no carnations, please"? Well, perhaps the time has come to cut those words "No Carnations" from our floral vocabulary. Carnations, carnations, I want to sing their praise