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Same Sex Weddings...

Over the last two years we've been doing more flowers for same sex marriages. I have to say that I enjoy doing these weddings, not just because it's another source of revenue for the shop (and it certainly is) but I find working with these couples rewarding. Last night, I had a consultation with a lovely family (bride, sister and mom) and we were talking about the family dynamics that can sometimes rear their ugly heads during flower meetings. I'm sure that most people that either haven't planned a wedding for many years or have never planned one, must think that meetings with the florist must be tranquil and stress free. Unfortunately, I've seen things during consultations that could make your hair curl! I've seen grooms being mean to brides, brides being condescending to their groom. Parents being mean to their children, children acting downright rude to their parents and the list goes on. Sometimes I feel like I'm not just a florist but a therapist too!!

Special Occasion Flowers

I recently became aware of references made by various media sources making a blanket statement that florists charge more for flowers that are for a wedding than everyday flowers. I can only speak for myself and people I know from the industry and this simply is not true. We might use higher quality flowers for weddings but as with any perishable product, you get what you pay for. Last time I checked, most brides want perfect, fresh blooms for their wedding bouquet.... Our mark up for wedding flowers is the exact same mark up no matter how the flower is being used. Where we do charge a bit extra, about 10% more, is in our labor. Why? Well, because weddings are never done with just one phone conversation or quick meeting, like most other floral orders. On average, I meet with my brides at least two times in person with each meeting taking about 1 1/2 hours. I also spend about 3 hours addressing questions, returning e-mails, ordering flowers and typing (and retyping) proposals. Weddin