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Special Occasion Flowers

I recently became aware of references made by various media sources making a blanket statement that florists charge more for flowers that are for a wedding than everyday flowers. I can only speak for myself and people I know from the industry and this simply is not true. We might use higher quality flowers for weddings but as with any perishable product, you get what you pay for. Last time I checked, most brides want perfect, fresh blooms for their wedding bouquet....

Our mark up for wedding flowers is the exact same mark up no matter how the flower is being used. Where we do charge a bit extra, about 10% more, is in our labor. Why? Well, because weddings are never done with just one phone conversation or quick meeting, like most other floral orders. On average, I meet with my brides at least two times in person with each meeting taking about 1 1/2 hours. I also spend about 3 hours addressing questions, returning e-mails, ordering flowers and typing (and retyping) proposals.

Weddings also take a more highly skilled floral designer than daily floral design does. I always liken a flower shop to a restaurant. The floral designer that does the more detailed sensitive work is the lead designer. They are the "Chef" of the operation. They determine the how's of the design and lead the team that will make it happen. The more junior designers assist with the prepping and help with the actual production. They are the "soui chefs"of the floral industry. Then their are the waiters and waitresses - the delivery staff. They are the ones that make sure that the flowers make it from the design bench to the bride in top condition. They also are in charge of setting up props and assist the on site designers who might be decorating an arbor or cake or even constructing floral designs at the location. Believe it or not, we even have "dish washers" in our business. The people that wash, scrub and generally clean up. No one likes a dirty flower shop!!

So, when you think of event flowers, especially wedding flowers, I sincerely hope that you do not look at the flower shop as money mongers. That is the furthest thing from the truth. Weddings ARE the most stressful part of our job. It takes organization, skill along with talent to pull off a wedding and produce a happy bride. I'd love to say that it's easy money because heaven knows if you work a physical, emotionally draining job 70 hours a week, week in and week out like I do, easy money sounds wonderful.
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