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A Real Beach Wedding

Oh my goodness, the line of brides in and out of our shop has been constant (and a bit overwhelming if I'm truly honest)! I predict that our wedding calendar is going to book up faster than any other year since I started doing weddings 20 years ago. On one hand, I'm flattered because it means the word out on the street is that we do a great job with our wedding designs - offer beautiful flowers, fair pricing and excellent service. Wow, I patted myself so hard on the back and knocked myself off my chair! Just kidding. On to the topic listed above - A Real Beach Wedding. The other night I met with past bride Jodi and her friend Jackie to talk about her October wedding. I admit, I was a bit more snippy than usual and I'm going to admit that I probably had put in too long a day, with too little food and water and the tail end of a horrible cold dragging me down. Sorry Jodi and Jackie!! But how sweet was it to come in the next morning to see in my email, sent that night at 10:

Party Themes

  Having a party or wedding in 2012? How about considering having a theme? In the case of these wedding centerpieces, they fit the overall summer beach theme and didn't have to be complex. Imagine how pretty these looked when the sun went down and the candles were lit. An easy do it yourself project or in our case something we created and set up for the couple and only $25 per table. Bigger is not always better and choosing a theme allows you to be creative without breaking the bank! To see this and other design ideas visit our wedding website at or check out our facebook page at