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My Top 3 Tips to Save Money on Your Wedding Flowers

1 - Bigger is not always better. If you think a big bride's maids bouquets  or big centerpieces are the only way to go, then think again. Is it really worth going into debt to have large wedding flowers that you can't afford? I say no! I think when couples spend more than they should it's not because a florist talked them into it, it's because they may not have been open to suggestions. An example would be these very simple centerpieces from last weekends wedding. Long tables needed more than one floral arrangement to look full. A few well placed votive candles and with 3 simple babies breath with a single rose vases help to fill out the table and play to the country theme of the event.  Need help budgeting? Read out blog on how to budget correctly HERE . 2 -  Larger flowers cost less in the long run than more expensive tiny ones Have you ever wondered why a certain flower seems to be so expensive even if it's tiny? Size has nothing to do with cost.